Picking a Main--Am I Doomed?


I’ve been playing SF4 since March 7th, or whatever the day was after it came out, and I still haven’t played one character and one character alone for more than three weeks. I don’t know if it’s because I get beat, get bored, or if I just don’t know who to learn, but typically I get a character, decide I like them, learn some combos, then move on.

Does anyone else have this problem? It’s really beginning to get frustrating, seeing as I’ve learned like the entire cast (not mastered, but learned to some degree) except maybe five characters. Am I doomed to know the whole cast, dancing between mains with only 50% knowledge of the characters and 90% knowledge of none of them? How do you guys decide on your main? What do you do to improve with them until you know you like them better than any other character? Is it the amount of times you win with them, their moves, their looks, or just their style?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys.


I started playing seth after seeing this video [media=youtube]4zSPPv7wohQ[/media]

Not so impressive now, but at the time I hadn’t seen seth played like that at all and it looked flashy as hell. Was actually really hard to start with playing him as I wasn’t used to such low life and stun so was loosing a lot, but I persevered and about 2500 fights later I have a pretty high win % with him.

Now that I’ve gotten over how flashy he is though I just enjoy playing him as I know him much better than any other character, so it feels like I’m getting more out of the game and playing at a much deeper level when I use him, plus as a character I never feel when I loose it’s because he is flawed in certain matchups (which you can get with some other characters). However playing him emphasises certain aspects of the game more than others (as does playing any single character), so I have started picking up a couple of other characters recently so that I can play matches in different ways and emphasise different skills for variety. I’ve spent long enough playing seth now though that I won’t drop him, I know there are still aspects of my game that need improving and what they are, and I realise when I make mistakes so it’s interesting ironing out all of those and continually progressing still with the same character (that if I always switched characters, would never happen).


That seems reasonable. =) I just can’t tell which character I should invest time in. If I had any chance of winning in 70% of my matches (with practice with the character) I’d play Abel. Seth is a fun one too, though. The health always makes me feel like I should be playing someone where I don’t have an excuse for losing I guess.


I usually go for the most flamboyant character available.

In 3s I play Remy, in sf4 I play Fuerte (he’s got the ribbon around the stomach and everything!)

Pick the character you enjoy playing and don’t listen to the haters. :rock:


If you can’t pick a main based on which one feels right for you then just stick with the one that’s giving you the best results. Sometimes people don’t figure it out until later on. Like Gootecks didn’t even start out with Balrog. He was just using Ryu to get accustomed to SF2 style footsies and what not and someone suggested to him that Rog would fit his style more seeing he used charge characters in previous games and he was more rushdown oriented. Character clicked for him pretty much from there and the rest is history. So if you can’t find your Balrog then at least stick with your Ryu.


(sf4) balrog and rushdown in the same sentance?


Wait till super haha

Honestly since the release seems so close i’ve been learning combos on every character cause I dunno who I’ll like in the next installment. Maybe you’ll find one then too?


Honestly, I dicked around with mains until I finally stuck with Cammy.

First it was Zangief, then it was El Fuerte, and then it was Dhalsim, and finally I decided on Cammy.

Just felt right, nothing wrong with not having a Main though, just play to how you feel.


My advice in these situations would be to always go for Ryu. Ryu honestly is the most balanced character in SF4 in my opinion and is best suited to learn as a first time character with all the tools to advance into the higher stages of the tournament world.

I feel going with Ryu will help to teach you all the basics and advanced tactics of the game and can even make you tournament material. This would be the only character I recommend as the most solid choice among the whole cast.

Of course you really should find who you like best though through what you feel matches your personal style.


You could always try out the character that totally whups your ass every time you fight vs him, for me it was Seth. I decided to dedicate my playtime to learning him and I’m still in that process but its been very fun even though I lose a lot since he’s a hard char survive with.

I first started with Akuma but he didn’t play the way his 3rd Strike incarnation played so I dropped him for Bison. I got tired of Bison switched to Seth. If I were to try to learn a new character I’d probably try C.Viper or maybe Gen.


sakura needs more love



First, identify your strengths and weaknesses as a player. Second, find a character that works with your strengths, and either helps cover your weaknesses or gives you opportunity to improve them.

If you’re rapidly bouncing between characters, you’re probably not asking yourself the right questions.


first see who all the scrubs pick (Ryu) so you know who to stay away from, then see who is considered the best early on (sagat) and cancel him out…then pick a character you find interesting and enjoy playing.


Interesting, that’s how i cancel out a bunch of characters in fighting games too.


I’ve always wanted to pick up Gen, He’s got an interesting enough style and difficulty curve for me to try out. Mantis kick cross up is really cool too, makes him not floaty.

I wouldn’t consider all Ryus scrubby. Now I would say there’s a huge friggin number of Shotos , and would gladly see alot of them casted away or playing different characters. But then again, Street Fighter IV is filled with them, and my personal preference is that if it has a fireball, eliminate them from your try list. Always did like KoF because of the way fireballs acted and how characters played more because of this concept.


I have the same exact problem as you, man. I just pick a character, learn all their combos and then move onto the next character. And I’m only really good with like maybe five characters also. I just get bored and / or get beat. It’s what I do.

Since I have the same problem as you, I probably don’t have a good answer but here’s what I do; When there’s an upcoming tournament, I decide on a character I feel like using for that tournament and I just play and practice with that character all the time until the tournament comes. By doing this, you’ll get better results during the tournament and you’ll definitely have a lot more confidence. Then after the tournament, I’m back on choosing a new main again. Either that or I keep my main and continue practicing to get better.

As for choosing a main though, I don’t go for a top tier character or intentionally go for a low tier character like some people do. Personally I choose a character that’s the most fun for me and have the most satisfying results with. I didn’t say “best” results because if I wanted the best results then I could just go with Sagat but right now my main is Chun-Li and she’s been my main on and off for a while. She’s low tier and doesn’t ever win tournaments but deep down in my heart, I feel that I might be able to do it if I keep trying harder. Even if I lose with her, I don’t give up. Chun-Li may be weak and have low health but I really enjoy playing with her and she can kick some ass which I have a lot of fun doing (except when I’m not kicking ass).

Rose on the other hand, she is not fun to play with and she cannot kick ass. I also get really bad results trying to use her but that’s just me. I’m sure you can learn to play Rose really good but she just doesn’t fit my play-style, know what I mean. You gotta like who you play. And in the case where you like everybody, choose someone who you think you’d have the best results with and just keep winning.


youre both scrubs


Pick Guile, he is one of the shittiest characters in the game and offers an almost 0 win status for new players. I’d say learn the game before actually trying to find a main. Pick Ryu, the character is super well balanced and has the tools you need and will want to learn the games mechanics. If you can learn to play Ryu, and play solid, you should have no problem picking up the other cast members.


i have this same problem with sf4. there are many characters i like but none that i love. i stick with about 5 characters and lose interest and jump around from character to character but stay with just those same 5 characters. i’m like a small town whore.


Not to be rude but that is terrible advice. Picking/not picking a character just because they’re top tier or a lot of people try to play them, but poorly? Just sad.