Picking A Shoto


Hi Guys

I am posting here because I feel like it is the best place. I have played SSF4 AE casually since its release and have around 1000pp average. I have an understanding of how the game works, but i still haven’t decided on a main.

My experiences so far:
2500bp Ibuki
1500bp Dudley
750bp Chun-Li
750bp Makoto
500bp Dhalsim
500bp Ken
500bp Balrog
500bp Juri

As you can see, i am not the most experienced but for the most have stayed away from shoto’s. I am looking to get better at the game and i feel because i didnt learn the obligatory Ryu to get a solid handle on the basics, i have probably done things the hard way.

I feel from the characters i have played so far, i have gotten a good mix. Zoning, rush down, balanced etc are somewhat all covered.

My question is this… I feel like it is now time I learn a shoto (something i have avoided). Now before everyone jumps in and says Ryu ( i realllllly dont want to learn him), can i learn the same things that he would teach me in one of the other shoto’s?

Right now i am tossing up between Evil Ryu and Oni - but I am also open to Gouken, Ken or possibly even someone like Sagat (though i understand he isnt quite the same)

Thanks for your advice… if you could justify or explain your suggestions that would be great :slight_smile:


Oni, Gouken and Sagat are not shotos. And it looks like you’ve already been playing Ken?

Just pick 1 main. You’re wasting time playing every character in the game. What you pick up from sampling a lot of characters when you are a new player is pretty negligible compared to what you learn from sampling a lot of characters when you’ve been playing for a while. Basically, you’re doing things out of order.


Pick Ryu because he will teach you the basics, listen to what I say because Ryu was always the good choice for beginners u_u

Just kidding.

None of the ‘shotos’ have the same play style, some of the fireball characters can’t even use their fireball as much as they would want to…lol

Ryu is a good mix between footsie and zoning (with fireball). Generally, the ‘main plan’ is to be at the good distance to use your cr.mk xx hadoken. His fireball recovers relatively fast, at least enough for you to punish an ennemy if he tries to jump on reaction. But he also has decent okizeme.

Ken, I don’t know if he can be considered a ‘shoto’…His fireball’s recovery is so long, even on hit it isn’t safe xD, he is more like a rushdown character, with a fireball. He uses mostly his forward+mk to advance, he has, if I remember correctly, the best kara-throw in the game. He has stylish combos xD. If your opponent doesn’t know how to block, he’ll destroy him.

Sagat is more like zoning your opponent to understand how they react, and adapt. But if they don’t know how to advance/jump mindlessly, you win.

Oni. His fireball doesn’t even travel far, you will mostly want to pressure the opponent with him, using frame traps/tick throws. His combos do a good chunk of damage/stun. I don’t want to use top players as examples…because even the top players I saw use his ex slash (which is very unsafe on block…and is very easy to block between…)… I think no one uses Oni to his full potential yet. And his shoryus can’t be FADC’d on block.

Gouken. Just like with Sagat, you will most likely zone with him, except, he has strong combos and a dive kick. So you can mix it up between ‘offense’ (even though it isn’t that great) and defense. He has some safe jump set ups, but, unlike the other ‘shotos’, he has no shoryuken to safen his wake up. Oh and, back-throw Ultra is a gift if your opponent doesn’t know how to tech-throw xD.

Evil Ryu. From what I saw from Sako…and some other E.Ryu players, they play him like a less good Ryu (zoning wise), using cr.mk xx hado, to confirm and do combos, which do really good damage/stun. His cr.mk is slower compared to Ryu’s, but cr.mk xx hado is a true blockstring, from any distance (except from the very tip), meaning they can’t mash shoryu in-between. (Go see Evo 2012, Infiltration FADC Daigo’s hado, xD)
The fireball is the same Ryu has though (start up and recovery).

So to answer your question, yes and no. With Ryu, you will learn how to zone and pressure your opponent, just, not the same way, and not with the same tools.

Dude…have you read that he plays AE since june 2011…


Thanks for the advice so far!! I know swapping characters doesnt help fundamentals - my problem is i can’t decide on a main character. Also, every time i learn a new character, it gives me better knowledge of that character for future matches so i dont think it’s all bad. When im playing to win, i can win most games i play (except against 2-3kpp players) just by using basic footsies and 1 simple punish combo. Most of the time i just have fun, try new things, see what i can figure out on the fly.

Sure its probably not the best thing to do but as im not looking to play in tournaments - it doesnt matter. It keeps the game fun and interesting. However, for the most part i have avoided fireball characters so i figured it was time. I thought maybe seems i hadn’t settled on a main yet that maybe i would be happiest with a fireball character seems it’s about all i have left to try (i dont like charge characters lol). I know i played ken, but that was just trolling with shoryuken (im sure we’ve all done it at some point right?).

Because i have tried so many chracters i really dont even know where my own strengths and weaknesses lie. I liked Dudley, but i found his pressure was hard for me to maintain (probably due to lack of practice and genereal knowledge).

Also thinking about seth, bit of a powerhouse, weak in the wrong hands, but has a lot of the cool moves from most of the cast i have come to like (spd AND a fireball?! hehe).

I just think its time i got serious and settled on one and not swapped until say 5k bp or something :slight_smile:


Seeing as how you’re not a tournament player, what does it really matter which main you pick? As long as you’re in it to just have fun, pick whatever character you feel will make the game fun for you.


1 year, especially divided between several different characters, is still pretty green


pick akuma he’s easy mode, and no im not saying that because of infiltration… he just has TOO MANY
options in my eyes just like in 3rd strike. The only trade off with him is his low health, which isent really a problem if your good a playing agressive and controlling the pace of the match.


In some cases w/ Street Fighter games.
You learn Ryu, You learn the game.


Use Evil Ryu then lol.

Footsie xx hado = FADC to combo.
His punishes hits really hard.

Just play him the way you always played, and learn his basic game. You’ll do great.

Seth…it is kinda random…unless you read their mind then he is godlike. (E.Ryu can kill Seth in one combo+an EX axe kick lol)


burn this into your memory: learn how to jump in dp and point blank sweep and you are good


I would say Akuma or Seth. They’re top tier so if you level up, you’ll have a great chance.

I never played Ryu and I think I understand the fundamentals pretty good without him. The best thing about Ryu is that if he ever tags someone with a DP and has ultra stocked, then it’s massive, easy damage. I really wish Ken could do that.


Go with Ryu


So… pick Ibuki then.

If not you could always go with:

As for shotos, the ones who shoot fire balls I’d say go with Oni.