Picking game up; is Juri a difficult choice of character to learn the game with?


I tried getting into this game about three years ago as a Bison player, but never got anywhere since I had very little time to play then.

I just got Ultra, and I seem to have lost my taste for charge characters. Out of the current cast, Juri is the one that seems the most interesting to play (her and Evil Ryu, but I’ve heard the consensus is that Evil Ryu is broken, and I tend to avoid broken characters). Is she a particularly challenging choice of main, or a good match for a complete beginner?

Note: I’m not new to fighters generally, I’ve just always played air dashers in the past (current game is Blazblue I play Arakune/Relius, if anyone familiar with both games can use that info).


If you’re comfortable with execution in air-dashers, I don’t think Juri would be over your head.


The best character to play is the one that you have a ton of fun playing as because that’s what helps give you motivation to practice and play a lot, and even the easy characters need a lot of work to get good at. It’s just a smaller lot.

Evil Ryu isn’t broken, just solid and strong, just like Juri is. Juri is admittedly a bit unusual, and Evil Ryu’s optimal combos can be hard, but basic combos with Evil Ryu get you far and after you get used to Juri’s button-hold stuff, both Evil Ryu and Juri are nice, solid, strong characters that reward strong fundamentals. If you have fun with them, play them. They’ll do good for you.


Another question, and this one feels exceptionally stupid:

I can’t seem to charge Focus Attacks. Holding down MP/MK in training mode shows as MP/MK>MK>MK>MK>MK… on the input section. This doesn’t happen with other fighters (I can charge a Crush Trigger in CP just fine). I’m using a Hori V3-SA, if it might be the stick. I don’t seem to remember this being an issue last time I tried the game in 2011.


^ you might have turbo on?


That’s what I was thinking, but I can’t seem to find a way to turn it off. >_<;;


As someone who learned the game with Juri, long and short answer.

Yes. Her whole play style requires a bit more situational awareness than your average character because of things like fuhajin storing, spacing specific links, many character specific set ups/combos, and some rather challenging ultra setups. Fuhajin FADC U2 is a pretty wicked thing to master. It hits hard and is practical from any part of the screen but the timing itself is the killer. There is no better time to playing Juri than right now though. She is at peak performance with the few buffs she received. She can finally reliably compete with that top tier class of fighters when in capable hands. For awhile you will be having an uphill battle having to learn footsies, zoning, mild rush down, and grappler management all at once, but youll be better for it.

Honestly if I wouldve went a different route for awhile just to learn things, I think I wouldve gotten to my current skill level faster than I did. On the other side of the coin though, playing Juri is what kept me interested in the game no matter how many times I lost because she was my favorite character.

So with one route, you MIGHT learn the game faster, but with the other route you’ll have a healthy amount of drive to push you through demoralizing losses.