Picking up after hailstorm question

i see storm pickup opponents after a connected hs all the time but i can’t ever seem to get it to work for me even tho i can consistently wavedash. i heard you have to dash down to increase storms fall speed after the hs and have been doing that but i always arrive a fraction of a second too late.
when i am practicing this i am on a ps2 in training mode hitting the HS from fullscreen away.
my question is that since i heard that the ps2 has slowdown on supers does this make a fullscreen pickup not possible or very tight timing for ps2?

additionally, is fullscreen pickup always possible in general or does the positioning have to be slightly closer to my storm when the HS comes out? as in someone was air dashing in at me when the HS connected.
also i’d like to know if the timing in general is just tight? in which case i just need to practice it more.
i’d really appreciate any input so i don’t end up trying to practice a setup that just won’t work or practicing it on a version where it won’t work. ill practice it in round at ffa in that case.
thanks in advance!

first thing-why are you playing mvc2 on a ps2. that will not help you at all. dc and ps2 are two different version.
second thing- to get down to the ground just do nothing or hold down. i don’t think she floats after that. It also depends on where she is on the screen. If you are close to them then you can catch them. If you are on one side of the screen and they are are on the other side falling mid-screen, you can’t catch them. If you are on the far side of the screen and they are falling from above you. You can catch them no matter how far or close to them you are.

Thats it. Also to tell you after the hs connecting it to another combo does not take off that much unless you do a cross-over in the air.

picking-up opponents after HS is not always possible. if you are a full screen away from your opponent, it’s almost impossible to pick-up your opponent after HS. you need to be closer to your opponent, at most, 1.5 to 2 dashes away to have an opportunity to combo after HS.

just keep practice wave dashing after your HS. you need to get the timing of the HS to end to be able to WD seamlessly. [HS xx WD.df xx WD.f]

Yes, PS2 is a bad version to use. Second, you’re only partially right for the rest of it.

You can pick up someone from HS from ANY distance and height, but HS has to fall in your favor, partially due to lucky/good mashing. There are times when the hail hits them twice on the ground and forces them to fall down non-otgable. Other times, it bounces them up off the ground. Hail really is random, but usually you get the bounce back.

Generally speaking, the only time you should go for this is when you get DHC into hail and hit them close, with your back to the corner or with their back to theirs. Then you air dash df+short>land>roundhouse.