Picking up Gen at novice level


So first let me say, this site is amazing. Just found out about it recently, as well as SF4, and not only does it have a wealth of resources but a really active community. Glad to be here. So i am a novice and by skill standards im a noob as it gets. Ive been playing for about 3 weeks now, only against cpu and mostly just experimenting with the different characters and Ive taken a strong affinity to Gen. Since doing so Ive realized he is not the most beginner friendly character, perhaps not even suitable for a beginner at all, but i really enjoy his moves when i can get them off and would like to learn how to use him effectively. My main question here is: Aside from tutorials and resources, which are already plentiful on this site and others, what other things should i be doing to become strong with gen & should i even endeavor to play Gen being that i don’t have much fighter experience (primarily a tactical FPS player).

Also, I purchased a Qanba Q1 which through researching i decided though it may not be a TE, it would be a good stick to start with. I enjoy doing things with my hands so i will probably mod it with the highly recommended Sanwa parts. I really like the game and hope i can get good at it (in due time of course) and play online (perhaps in tournaments one day) more for fun than rewards, so i can appreciate the learning curve and im prepared to work as hard as necessary.

(I noticed there was a Gen section to the site but being a newbie, i was not sure if i should post it there or here.)


A couple things to consider:

  • When learning fighting games, playing against the CPU has really limited value. You’re better of spending your time between training mode and playing real people.

  • Speaking of training mode, since you’ve new and decided to pick up Gen, you should pretty much count on living there for a while. He is not the easiest of characters to learn from an execution standpoint.

  • Learn an anti-air, a punish combo, and a hit confirm combo, and start playing real people.

  • Local casuals are a helluva lot better than playing online. Try using the regional matchmaking section to find people near you that play. Regional matchmaking is probably the most important resource this site offers.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice, trouble. I’ll definitely learn those combos and look into local playing.