Picking up Ibuki need some match up help

So I have been using ibuki now for a month now. I got her vortex, mix ups, and combos down. It’s just fighting against Thawk, Giefs, Bisons, Blankas, and the twins have been giving me a hard time too. Not only that, I’m still lacking at my defense. in other words, being pressured by block strings, sometime i try to tech throw, but get counter hit all the time. and when i hold block, i get a command throw… what should i do to get better at reading these things… the most common thing i want to do is jump up or jump back, or dash back. I also want to learn ibukis counter hits, while I am the one on the offensive. the only thing i can think of is, forward mk, or standing roundhouse to counter hit tech throws… any ibukis players out there that can help a new ibuki player out?

Sounds like you really need to learn how to block and tech throws on reaction. When somebody is doing a block string on you, you’re supposed to be blocking, lol

lol yea i know that! its just i kinda feel like a throw is going to happend, which is why i try to tech throw it… but get counterd hit… some block strings go on forever… there go to be something else besides holding back! or mash jab like how some ppl do online?

Problem with this is that is doesn’t work too well on Yun/Yang/Fei/Makoto etc. who all have command throws. Eating a regular throw or two is fine, or maybe even an EX TT from Abel, but when you’re blocking and you’re still at risk of losing 1/3 of your health or eating an ultra… I think you might need to be a little more preemptive in your defensive game.

Going back to the op, for learning how to block I would suggest playing the next couple of matches simply blocking all game. I would suggest picking a higher health character for this so your health bar doesn’t drain after 1-2 bad guesses. Someone with high health but a crappy reversal game, so your opponent will almost never have to hesitate about pressuring you. Someone like Dudley or Hakan.

When getting pressured, try your best to constantly analyze the situation. What is the matchup? How close are you to the corner? Is there a life lead difference? Meter difference? What buttons is your opponent pressing? Does he have any obvious throw setups? Is he making use of hit confirms? etc. This way you’ll be filling your mind bank with information on your opponent, which you can then use later in the match.

For counterhits, st.MP is usually your go-to. st.MK is good too, but doesn’t offer much time to hitconfirm; you’ll usually just end up using tsumuji as your hitconfirm. cl.st.HK can work too if you SJC lk.cd to keep it safe. Just keep in mind you’re at about -2 afterward.