Picking up Lars

Another player coming back into the scene after a few months hiatus. For someone who likes playing as Jin, what are the basics I need to know about playing Lars? I’m not seeing as much of a zoning style and his rushdown moves don’t have the same benefits as Jin’s (avoiding fireballs, slower startup speed). Any beginner advice for the character?

Well, I can help you out perfectly there:

Also, I highly recommend checking out the Lars fourms section for all of the main active threads, especially ‘The Lars Combo thread’ but also check out this playlist filled with everything you need to know and do:

Check out my two combo videos; updated BnBs and New High Damaging combos, cause those two give alot of great combo ideas. The rest of the videos are really helpful too, so give those a look and definitely go to the Lars section of the forums.

That does help out.  Got to get into new habits to play Lars, but not ALL new habits.<div><br></div><div>It just so happens that the day I come back, the character forums are spread all over the damn place.  And why’s an M&M singin at me?  Who knows.</div>