Picking up Seth

working on moving seth up to a good secondary, doing all the normal things, challenges, practice matches, training mode, watching videos… i tell you what… im having the hardest time keeping my player points even at 1k with him.

i normally hover around 2.4k or so. rough stuff… hes just too much fun though, lots of options. I think my main problem right now is punishing with max dmg. right now i dont think im getting my best dmg from punish and setup situations… so much to learn, but im liking him as a character.

look forward to moving forward with him.

Enjoy investing time in Seth just to realize that one of his core aspects, his stomps, are horribly bugged on some characters. And that it won’t be fixed in the 2012 edition.

Seth takes time to get used too. Take account of his walk speed and adjust to it, his combos, his reversals, and you’ll do fine. You also need to learn most of his defensive options considering he has the lowest health in the game.


Don’t listen to the whiny betas you’ll find in every character forum. Seth is a great character, but takes a lot of getting used to. My biggest problem is simply mastering movement with dashes and jumps.

He’s going to be a lot of suffering but the payout is SO worth it.
Also the faster you find those little character specific things, the easier your life will get.

Prepare to have some gloriously sweet victories & embarrassingly fast losses.

Oh yeah, thats another thing. There’s only one way to lose as Seth, and that’s crashing and burning into a fiery storm of fail.

Let’s have a single sentence to express the sentiment that I just read a pile of contradicting information and opinion…

PS: Poongko is ass with anti-air.

Oh look, the Seth board. I miss you guys :frowning:

Anyways, OP: Seth is fun and frustrating at the same time. You’ll be playing the most versatile character, but unless you are playing Seth as SETH and not trying to Ryu through a match, you’re fucked. You need to accept that your character has shit health and you really have to go balls to the wall if you want to win, and not second guess yourself, ever. You need to be ready to let a match go at any point, because a well-placed ultra means that round is most likely over for you.

In Super i mained Rufus, i started to play Seth on the side and barely knew how to do his dive kick but i was still beating people fairly well but it was very scrubby. Then in AE i picked up Seth learned all his moves first and adjusted to how slow he walked. I now main Seth and have been racking up the wins more than i ever was with Rufus. it took me months to get Rufus to 5000bp, and im barely a few weeks into playing with Seth and im close to the 2000bp mark. and like said above, when you win it feels great but when you lose its really bad cause you can lose so damn fast. you have to apply pressure on your opponent then when you get their health low enough you can space it out and change up the game a little bit, throw some sonic booms out there and standing H is a good tool IMO.

His use of cl.hp as anti-air is inspiring, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

haha don’t get me wrong I love Poongko, but after watching enough videos, he seems more inclined to use focus attack as an AA rather than DP. When he does that, the other player freezes up even if they blocked it, even if it was just a level 1, and give Poongko way more respect than I’ll ever find online. People see I absorbed 100 points of damage THEN dashed in on them? You know they’ll be grabbing…

I don’t know, with Seths large hitbox & great focus attack it’s not the worst option to use it as an AA. that said i think Seths nature relies on a level of unpredictability, no one can deny that Poongko is willing to do things alot of players are afraid to do.

Whether they’re great reads or just playing the odds, it’s certainly took him far enough.