Picking up Viper from Adon



Hey guys

I am an Adon player looking to pick up C. Viper. I’m interested in her because I really like the multiple ways to set up U1 (Adon has like 1 way thru combos and 2 ways thru special moves but it rarely happens).

I am new, only playing since Sept. And I admit I do not normay throw many combos with Adon, just a bunch of pokes and Jaguar Kicks. I would like to know some members opinions on where to start with Viper. Whether it’s combos or her cancels, etc.

Much appreciated.


I’d suggest starting here: http://shoryuken.com/f254/c-viper-guide-just-about-everything-248561/


well theres a-lot to learn with viper shes really tuff you should focus on learning her combos then you can go into cancels which result in mix up’s 1 combo you should know its pretty easy its cr.lp,st.lk,cr.mp,medium thunder knuckle then you can go into tuffer combos like Fierce Feint Fierce if you need sum help message me on xbl NGB Kloud


fyi my gamertag is NGB 2 Sliick feel free to add me if you want sum viper training


This is by far the best resource that you could use as a freshly budding viper player. It helped me immensely