Picking your first character


My friend is just starting ssf4, and he needs a character to start with, imo he shouldnt start eith an advanced charecter. So i told him to pick someone like ken or ryu…

Am i wrong? Can someone give me a list of good starters?

Plz excuse my english im spanish.


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have him play a little bit with each character and go with who feels right. switching can occur later.


I don’t think it’s right to tell new players to play specific characters - let them pick whoever they want. While some characters are harder than others, player experience with an easy character will not make learning a hard one any simpler.

Basically, learning an easy character when first picking up a game and a hard one later takes more effort than just starting with the hard character.


that can be discouraging however if the hard character needs a high level of aptitude to even be competitive(Viper).


I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t give new players an idea of the difficulty of the various characters they seem interested in - you definitely should do that. However, finding a character’s style enjoyable is more important than the ease of picking up that character. Is learning Viper be more time consuming than learning certain other characters? Most definitely, but it’s certainly less time consuming than learning another character and then trying to switch to Viper.

If a character’s difficulty is discouraging a player, that player can drop the character in favor of another. In terms of what keeps people around, I find it’s better for them to start with something they enjoy and adapt to its challenges than to start with something easier and not enjoy it. People don’t tend to play games they don’t enjoy.


pick a character that looks like they’d be fun to play(by playing or watching game play videos).


I see what your saying, but most people have the most fun when they play and win, and if there really new they wont win with the advance charecters.


Someone really new isn’t going to win much anyway. Imo you shouldn’t be advising people on characters to play unless they ask for it.


pick bison. everyone picks bison


I picked Akuma a long time ago because I thought he looked the coolest. A lot of people advised me not to because he has very low stamina, but every character is learnable. Tell your friend to go with whoever he likes and feels comfortable with. Ultimately sticking with one character from the beginning and mastering them is more beneficial than picking an “easy” character like ryu/ken and then switching later. Getting good with any character will make the learning curve easier if he decides to switch later. A buddy of mine just started playing and he picked ryu because he thought ryu was the coolest haha. Ultimately if you don’t like the character you’re playing as, then you won’t have much fun playing the game imo.


which character did your friend pick?


How i did it
Player or cpu matches
Choose random
repeat for about 200 times
(also explain him about charge characters and executions difficulties etc c.viper may look easy for a beginner)


Bison is quite simple to play if he can do charges/is patient. Wont dominate out of the gate, but can get by a lot of things new players hate, like fireball spam/zoning with headstomps, etc.

But Ryu is a good choice if he wants to learn the game mechanics and is goign to actually practice. Can zone, can handle himself in close, can teach you to cancel with most any move, can do super cancels from fireballs and can FADC into ultra very, very easily off L SRK. With a Bison, you arent FADC’ing anything like that, so hed never learn the skill in most cases.

If youve played with him before in fighting games, you can probably figure out his playstyle. Say VS series is a favourite of his, then a rushdown probably be up his alley. Tager or Potempkin player? Send him to a grappler like Gief. Likes defensive characters? Send a charge character his way (always holding down back =D). Zoning? Countless guys he might like. Really hard to say “play this guy” with no real info on his skill or experience.


Balrog is by far the easiest character in the game. Way easier than Bison. WAY easier than Ryu

The only thing is he might not like how boring Balrog is.

Teach him to use jab rushes and jumpback fierce/crouching fierce for anti-air.
Teach him to mash jab when people get close
teach him the mash jab -> headbutt bread n butter



well i adviced him to pick blanka if he wanted to win and have chances for simple combos.

now he beats everyone with cheap crap and is extremly happy.

My other friend is still looking and is leaning towards juri, i tell him he should go for a ryu or ken, something damn simple because he is worse then my blanka friend, but hes sticking with juri, not sure if he would like ryu more but hes stuck with her and doing random moves non stop, randomly.

seems like a mixed bag, some people should be adviced on which charecters to start with, and other are just going for who they like.


The character every beginner should start out with is Ryu. Learning Ryu first will give you a basic knowledge of the game. Ryu is an all-around player, having no blaring weaknesses. Ryu is a very defensive player, which is the first thing you’ll want to learn. It will develop your execution, defense, zoning, pokes, option selects, anti-air, etc.

After you get fairly decent with Ryu, you should switch to Ken. This will teach the the offensive side of the game. Rush-down, tick-throw, mix-ups, cross-ups, kara throws, and overall how to be aggressive.

This is optional, but if you want to explore the world of charge characters, learn Balrog. He is like the Ryu of charge characters (good all-around base) If you like charge characters, start learning other charge characters (Bison, Dee Jay, Guile, etc)

Once you are effective with Ryu and Ken, you should have an idea of the play style that you’ll want to play as. If you’re more defensive, start looking at defense-oriented characters (Guile, Chun-li, Balrog, etc) or if you want to play more of a rush-down style, start looking at defensive styled characters. (C. Viper, Akuma, Cammy, etc)

Hope that helps.


I’m having a similar problem. I have been playing SSF4 for a couple of months, and I have the lingo and fundamentals.
Only problem is that I can’t stick to a character.
First it was Ryu, then Juri, then Abel, then Ibuki, then Guy, etc…
I want to get better, but i know i won’t unless I stick to one main characer. I think i want to play a character who is pretty well rounded, but can be aggressive and apply pressure. What should I do?




I just started playing this game, and with a stick too yesterday, and personally from some of the advice I hear, I do not want to play as Ryu, Ken etc. I don’t like either of those characters, I’m sure if I bypass having the experience of playing those guys I would not miss anything. I’m still undecided as to what fight style I want to play as, but I’m leaning towards Fei-Long or Dee Jay and just sticking with it till I get the hang of everything.