PICS from Concord Console Tourney @ fuddruckers sunday!


Thanks to the guys for starting this up and everyone who came out. Especial thanks to my Girl Keiva for the time and effort. See you all in april!


photos are sick. gg’s to keiva for gdlk photos. till april.


Coopa looks hella depressed in that first picture, lol.

Just makes me wish more that I had gone. Thanks for the photos :tup:


i like.


that guy in the red hat is so awesome. He is so cool! Anyone know who he is?


some 925 scrub


I’m guessing that was a pic of him in Loser’s Bracket? :lol:


Guy named Bernard was also taking pics. Check them out.


awesome. i was wondering who took our pics


green track jacket and having not shaved for a week = SEXAAAY


Actually, I smiled pretty hard when I lost to Magus. Davis peeps still make fun of me for it. Lol.

Edit: Oh, wait. That’s the 3s corner. I dunno. I was just serious. HUGO: SERIOUS BUSINESS.


thanks for pics vito!