Pics from the Pittsburgh Comicon!

I know a lot of you guys ain’t into cosplay, and I know why…some are just bad, and it is pretty much the nerdiest thing you can do…but some came out really good this year!

here’s some of the good, and the bad.

I tried to get a pic of everybody in costume I could.

a lot of the stuff from the actual Costume Contest came out too dark or blurry…I will not post those unless they came out decently.

Batgirl (I am friends with her boyfriend)
Representatives of the Justice League
The Monarch
The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend
Spider Man and Batman
Inu Yasha
Super Mario
Power Girl (That is slippage, but she’s got a big square bandaid over her nipple, for just that reason)
Nightwing (Most people say this costume is awful, and while I wanna be nice, I’m inclined to agree.)
Black Canary
The Gimp, or the skinniest Bane on earth…
I’m gonna beat the shit out of you Charles…I’m gonna beat the shit out of you WITH Charles, as a matter of fact.
Poison Ivy
The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, Henchmen 22 and 24, Dr. Killinger, Dr. Orpheus, Trianna Orpheus, Girl Hitler, Catclops, and Hank Venture.
The Monarch and Henchmen
Girl Hitler and Catclops
Myself and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)
A one-armed Green Arrow
Snake Eyes
Cobra Commander
Deadpools, or is it Deads Pool?
Costume Contest Winners
Original Comic Page I bought (Shadowpact #7, Page 19)

Funny story about the Cobra Commander in the above pic:

I was walking through the hotel after the costume contest, and the Joe group was just ahead of me, when out of the blue, in his best Chris Latta impersonation, Cobra Commander belts out this memorable line:


everybody lost it when I actually fell to the floor laughing.

The Venture bros. costumes were really good, I wonder if doctor girlfriend was a dude, that bat girl was bad ass.



I’d hit it:

I bet you were standing and Peter Mayhew was sitting down in that pic. Either that or you’re almost seven feet tall.

Mayhew was sitting, I was partially standing.

that guy is way fucking huge…his hand was bigger than my head.

I have more pics (and I need to take pics of my haul). I’ll post later.


Thanks for the pics! Cosplay is always fun to see. When I go to shows I love taking pictures of cosplayers too. Course I’ll never do it but I have a strange admiration for people that do, you definitly need to be able to laugh at yourself in many cases lol! I don’t even dress up for Halloween. I usually cop out for Halloween parties and do something cheap like put my clothes on backwards and say I’m Chris Cross or something bootleg like that. :rofl:


I’ll get some more pics up prolly this afternoon sometime.

and yes, Psylocke was gorgeous…AND LEGAL!, I asked her after the contest how old she was, and she said she was 19!

Here’s a pic of all the swag I picked up at the con

Except the COIE Monitor Figure, and the Page I picked up as well…

The Page is: Page 19, from Shadowpact #7, it’s the blast that renders the entire team blind.

That one-armed Green Arrow could’ve took his arm off and been Ollie from Dark Knight Returns.

I said the same thing.

not to him, mind…I’m sure he heard that particular suggestion plenty of times already, without me repeating it.

plus I didn’t want to be insensitive, but I did mention it to my friends who were nearby.

Heh, people in Cobra Commander costumes HAVE TO do crazy ass lines in the voice. It’s a requirement!

Nice pics, I too, love the Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend.

its going to take some time to get that aquaman out of my nightmares…

yo… whats up with batgirl…the head is like caved in…and she has no face. freaky.

Head ain’t caved in, it’s poor lighting.

as for the ‘no face’ thing…uhm, this is the Cassandra Cain Batgirl…the mask is solid.

SEE! :smiley:

hitting from me for real… Taichi, you are a king amongst men.:rofl:

…that went well.

Cassandra is easily the best and coolest batgirl

Heh, I’m glad everybody’s enjoying these, and I’m glad to be able to share 'em!

and I agree, Cassandra is awesome.

yeah i see. its still freaky.

good job on all the pictures.

Okay, remember the Batgirl we were all gaga over?

apparently she’s a huge deal in the world of Cosplay.

here is her site:

Amazon Mandy

and here is her Batgirl Page