Pics From Toodles and The Shilo Inn SRk Tourney

Here’s some pics from the Shilo Inn Srk Tourney and pics from Toodles…thanks alot for all you did.


pIC 39 : White T shirt with logo on back is Takayuki, Black and Blue stripped shirt is Combofiend, White T-shirt with Evo Badge and glasses is S-Clubber, Black t shirt with hands in his pocket is Nestor.

Pic 40: Giving the thumbs up Nick T. , Blk dude with his face cut off…Lax Tactics…Guy scratching his face is FatBear.

Pic 41: Sitting next to the Tv, black dude with the Sagat T-shirt is ME!!!

Pic 42: Far left with the army hat E-Mittens, Standing on the bed Takayuki, guy in the red t shirt Chang from Texas, black guy in white shirt Chaotic Blue, dude with the fro and blue collar Jason Cole, to his riight is Manny aka Manic, black dude throwing up the fist is ME…to my left is Combofiend and to his left Nestor.

Pic 43: White shirt and glasses in the middle…Marneto

Pic 44: Sentinel shirt is Brood, to his left in black t shirt The Muffin Man from So Cal. To his right E-Mittens. In front of
ComboFiend with the blue shirt Jhamal aka S4V, to his right Sparatik…to his left Kennywood.

Pic 45: front row staring right at you Shin Contra, to his right S-Clubber, behind Shin Contra Chaotic Blue, to his right The Muffin Man…to his left Kennywood, to Kenny’s left just his Face RayBladeX from Portland,OR. To his left E-mittens my lil Brother, behind E to the left Lifetimeboy aka LTB Below LTB to the left Jeffzorz. far left corner with neon fairy near his head Jason Cole.

Pic 46: far right Shin Contra to his left The Muffin Man,To his left Chaotic Blue. Girl in Pink is Grace J-Coles hunny.

Pic 48: team EC mixed with WC, far left bottom corner Ricky Ortiz…to his right IKeith, to his right Manny aka Manic…to his right Dr.B…to his right in the green shirt Bmorechun. To his right Brood from LA…in the middle of Brood and Bmore is Sparatik…far Right in bottom corner Nick T. , directly above Dr.B to the left is Joe Hassan aka J-Gravity…right above Manny is Chris Hatchett aka Lax Tactics.

Pic 49: Doc B and Marneto in the white and Red throw upthe West Side with all the EC and WC peeps.

Pic 50: Green and white shirt with the X-men powers UCR-Jesse, front row in the sagat t shirt my brother E-mittens.

Pic 94: At the team tourney in room 409 before 100 people showed up lol.

Pic 95: at the team tourney throwing up peace…FatBear and next to his Canada’s beast and possesed player Moe Powell…bottom right keeping it Portland Ross aka Kabukimono.

If I missed anyone sorry…so many of you in there…and if you are in there say something!!! This was too fun…for all that didnt go…we held a 3 on 3 CvS2 Team tourney at the SHilo Inn…on day 2 of Evo. As you can see many people came…the rules were single elim…teams are picked by random draw of a deck of cards…and 1st member of the team kept playing until they lost…Too bad it never was completed…and the best highlight I remember was LTB vs Bmorechun…Bmore’s a beast on the down low…lol…and Nick T’s A groove madness…too good…cant wait until we do this again…thanks to all and to Toodles for making it happen.

     -B.:cool:        p.s - lOOK out for my G4 interview...I hope it speaks to the people.

Shout out if you’re in any of these and not labelled, and I’ll get it added. I suck at remembering names.

lol im in that pic, with the brown shirt and looking at the camera. :slight_smile:

Haha! The guy with the green shirt behind fatbear is me! :slight_smile:

Peeeeeeeachyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy SGROOVE <3

im the guy playing bmorechun in pic 23…the 2nd cvs2 console going from left to right

the guy behind me with the ponytail and the green bag next to his right foot is vasAZNion13

gg’s Dr. B., it was real fun playing against a good s-groover :smiley:

haha, my eyes look like i’m fucking storm and i’m about to brew up a lightning bolt in pic 50

What up Dr.b yea I also got a interview from GSN just snook up on me.

dam u can tell this fuu was bored to type all that shit!!!:eek:

In pic 41 I’m the white guy w/ the black shirt looking over Dr. B’s shoulder.

In pic 43 I’m the white guy in the Man U jersey, and matching hat.

That night was hella crazy guys, good shit! :cool:

AiRiC: Good to hear from you man…it was good seeing you again this year…thats two years in a row…lets battle again next round. Hope to see you on Tv!!!

JALbert: Man i didnt know that was your handle…but i knew that was you…thanks for helping out that night…and keep beasting in So Cal.


damn im a sexy beast:D the camera loves me:p

ahh yeah
pic 44 with the hawaiian shirt in the back
and 45 in the far back with the red eyes

hell yeah, in at least 4 random pics
Im satisfied

Those are really bad pics of me. :frowning:

Thanks for sharing the pics B. You have to start the tourney earlier next year! :stuck_out_tongue:

S-Clubber: Yeh it was too many players and too much power to contain in one room…we might have to have it in multiple rooms…lol…ne ways gg…

 -The Notorious D.R.B

sweeeeeeet, i got props on my combo shirt

heh heh heh im in 67 and 68…kick ass

Wooooo go me and my red backpack.

Cool pics. :smiley:

I’m the dude with the camera and the peace sing! I look crazy in the picture before that one.

That tourney attemp was crazy.


ps-Congrats on your G4 interview Dr. B. you will also be featured in the new documentary comming out… soon…