Pics of all the TvC alt colors, for those curious people out there


But yeah, this is a link to a WinRar archive with pictures of all four colors per character. I did the other day.

Be appreciative, I know some people were curious on what the colors looked like! =D

Oh, and sorry if the quality isn’t that good, haha.

Also, note, I listed the colors in the order that you select them on the Gamecube Controller. That means: Y - 1 (Standard), X - 2, A - 3 (Last hit kill on the giant in arcade mode), and B - 4 (Last hit kill on 3rd form of Yami).

I’ve been posting this everywhere, so some of you might have seen them already, so bear with me.


hey nice now i dont have 2 go into training to test all those colors


Thanks, good work!