Pics of Green Valley Ranch

If the Green Valley Ranch site seemed a little “blah” to you, check this out:

Look HERE to see some shots that some MLG kids took of the EVO location at Green Valley Ranch. This is the ballroom where we’ll be holding the main events.


DAYUM, thats about all I can say :clap:

AWESOME, can’t wait!

what fighting games in that arcade anyone know?

i lol @ u.

That would be Grand Ballroom I (at the right end of this map), right? “The main events”…? Do you mean “the entire event?” I was under the impression that the entire EVO event (including the BYOC area) would be contained in one large room. Is that still the case, or will portions of EVO be spread out to additional rooms?

For those who are bringing in consoles, TVs, large boxes of stuff, etc. for the BYOC area (or KOF’02), will there be any loading dock / rollaway door access to Grand Ballroom I, or will absolutely everyone access the ballroom via the Conference Center main corridors?


does taht lol stand for none at all?

Just remember that Evolution isn’t the only event there; they’re going to be sharing the rooms with MLG as well…

er… okay… So, what’s MLG doing?

EDIT: Looks like I found my answer. So, that’s all they’re doing? a HALO tournament? Pfft… whatever. :rolleyes:


yeah pretty much unless you like a broken tekken 4 machine. or 75c soul calibur 2

Halo 2 drew out over 400 people in Philly this past weekend. MLG is also running Smash Bros which brought in another 80+.

Great. They’re popular games. Just not with me. Hence, I could care less if MLG is going to run extra rooms at EVO. Good luck and good times to those who do have an interest in the HALO tourney, all the same.


Ha Ha, sounds like every Vegas arcade. Broken

I really wonder how big this place is myself, when I arrive on Monday I’ll check it out.

Are we sharing the ball room with the Halo players and such?

7 rooms with detachables rooms…and there all ours.

Im guessing this is where the gaming will take place, whether the MAIN ballroom that was mention, will be where the byoc room is, or those 7 rooms are it, are unknown.