Pics of modded SFAC or US T5 Sticks

Hey guys Im trying to get into the whole inspiration thing bcuz im trying to mod my stick, and I would like to see other peoples idea w/ these sticks. feel free to share your work :slight_smile:

There’s the SFAC stick tutorial, if that helps.

Well, I made the thread to see other peoples “custom” work on the SFAC and US T5 arcade sticks. I just need some inspiration I can use when I start modding mines. Sorry for the misunderstanding. =)

Here is a modded T5 stick I did early last year. Sanwa parts + plexi + painted the box white.

nice work starboy :slight_smile: btw check you pm

keep em coming guys

also done last year, 2 or 3 monthes after starboy. fun times, fun times.

^ guide on how to mod the T5 stick. having a dremel REALLY helps on this one.

if you have any questions, you can PM me or whatever. i can walk you through on the guide if it’s not clear enough for ya.

Dude, Thanks, thats just what i needed. Ill be pm’n if I get into any problems

That’s awesome. I didn’t even realize you could mod that stick that way. Good stuff.

Hey guys here’s the photo album of ShinJN’s mod. It’s very nicely done.


that is THE sexiest stick i have EVER seen…

Here’s pics of my SF:AC stick; it’s not much, all I did was replace the buttons for HAPP, but it makes the stick useable when compared to before.



Hi I also want to Mod my SF AC stick, but i dont know if i can change the bat top style stick to a Ball top Sanwa, is this possible?, if i can is this easy? I’m a totally new to all this.


^ I’m sure it’s very possible, but I’m not sure how easy it is. Shouldn’t be EXTREMELY hard, but not as easy as a straight happ mod…

Anyway, here is a couple o’ pics of mine. Not much, just a straight happ competition stick/convex button modd.

Ceramiclion did it.
I think the hardest part is taking the joystick out of the SFAC stick.