Pics of the inside of a HRAP EX SE?

I am going to order one on Tuesday but I was curious what the inside looked like because I want to eventually put sanwa buttons on there and probably a battop.

I also want to make sure it doesn’t have the cheap shitty gate that is in my Hori Ex 2.

HRAP EX SE is all Seimitsu parts. It has 2 gates on it (one is the standard square gate, the 2nd gate has options for 2 way, 4 way or if left on in default it rounds the edges of the square gate slightly).

I don’t feel like opening it up right now, but it’ll fit Sanwa snap ins easily. Though the Seimitsu buttons are very good too (but they’re not as sensitive).

Seimitsu buttons are very good parts, why would you want to spend an extra $25 to swap them out?

Too bad that Hori doesn’t use quick disconnects.

That’d be so much more convenient and would definitely boost their sales.

The HRAP does use quick disconnects. And I won’t swap the buttons out right away but its good to know I can if I want to.

? There are QDs on the buttons in the picture.

I see the QD’s on the buttons but not on the stick portion

That’s because the hori pcb insn’t common ground so 8 points are needed instead of 5(standard 5pin connector)

if they used a common ground pcb with a 5 pin harness they prob sell even more sticks then they do now

I don’t agree. If you’re smart enough to know the EX-SE’s ground “flaw”, you’re probably smart enough to work around it.

I don’t plan on changing my stick anyway.

It would’ve been nice to have QD on the joystick as well. But if you are handy with tools then you can just buy some .187 QD’s and desolder the wires and add .187 QD’s on them. Am I right? That’s what I plan on doing if I realize I don’t like the LS-32 on the EX-SE stick.

Think I could do that with limited (i.e., barely any) soldering experience? Or am I liable to fuck something up?

Well from what I can imagine you would need to desolder the wires from the microswitches first. Then once thats done you would need to strip the ends of the wires and put some .187 Quick Disconnects on there and crimp them. Then you should be good to go. So if you have the tools, (soldering iron, wire stripper and crimping tool) then you can do it.

If you;d rather not go to the trouble, why not just cut the wires close to the microswitches and skip the desoldering altogether?

even easier, didn’t think about that at all. :tup:

Would the Quick Disconnect fit over still?

well we are talking about replacing the stock stick so it would fit on the new stick but if he wanted to use the same stick he would have to desolder the wires instead of cutting them off.


I did not notice that.

Is it even possible to put a sanwa JLF in one of these?