Pics of the inside of a HRAP EX SE?


I wouldnt know the first thing about how to go about wiring that. Care to explain how?

Here my Post.

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Question, Are the start/back buttons on the HORI EX SE 24mm?



i did always wonder but do the hrap sa and se support korean parts can i just put em in or is it more troblesome

I’m getting one these. But I want to put a hrap3 pcb in it. Can anyone help and tell me how to wire the joystick or if it’s even possible?

@pumpking No you can’t just put them in. The holes on the hrap control panel for the stick and buttons are the wrong size.

why not a HRAP 3 SA then, they have the same price on amazon just the EX being seimitsu and SA being sanwa.

I prefer the seimitsu stick. And I’ve already paid for it, i didn’t know the stick was soldered on how it is. If I get a LS32-01 and change the mounting plate would that work?

yay! for seimitsu :bgrin:, well then the EX SE doesn’t have a common ground so the -01 wont work there, you can still put the HRAP 3 PCB in there just take out where the mic plug is and it should fit and then you can add a -01


Regarding the mic and xbox button… how would I go about getting rid of the ugly black rectangle without losing functionality? How difficult would it be to turn the xbox button into say a 24mm seimitsu clear button? Anyone have any experience with this?