Picture processing in GIMP


I was trying to modify some of psd templates posted on SRK with GIMP as a training before making my own but i have a small problem:

I got a rachel alucard picture in jpg with her on the white background.

Is it possible to copy just her onto the psd file without the white background ?

I remember corel draw has such function but can i do it with free GIMP too ? I found some border/edge detection functions there but they only copy edges without colors.

Or maybe it would be possible to make all white elements as transparent ?


After you read in your JPG image, add a transparency layer to the image.

You can then select the white background using the “select by color” tool.

After you click on the white background, you can move your mouse left and right to change the threshold window for the selection color (i.e. change how much white you select).

After you’ve managed to get all of the white selected, you can hit CTRL-X to remove the white background (leaving only the transparent, checkerboard layer behind).

If you save the new image in a file format that accepts transparencies you should be gravy.

Best of luck.