Picture Request: Fightsticks that are bombed with stickers

As they title states, I wanna see some stick that are bombed with stickers.

Is bombed what the kids are saying these days? I need to keep up. /falls over backwards in old man chair

TBH, I wouldn’t use a stick if it was covered with stickers. That would be annoying. Imagine if the edges started lifting. If it was under plexi (so my hands woundn’t have to touch it), perhaps I’d use it.

I was actually planning on adding a plexi layer on top of the stickers to prevent that. lol.

I’ve seen two in the Arcade Stick Thread.

Also one in person when Brokentier asked our table.
Asked for a Dual Mod to raffle a TE.
And then TE the was covered on.
Covered of Brokentier stickers.

I’ve only seen one through the “post your arcade stick” thread and I don’t feel like going through 100s of pages to find that picture. lol

Kinda like this?

Kinda bad pic, and I wouldn’t really consider it “bombed” with stickers. It was just a bunch of stickers I would get from skate products or something. I have a Roger Skateboards one that says “Bros before Pros” but I’m going to put that on the bottom of my Fight Stick Pro. :3

I was searching for something else, but I came across the two I mentioned.