Picture thread?

Can’t find the other thread, but what has it been 5 to 6 years since we had one. Post mine up soon. Let’s see the man behind the art.

LMAO damn, I forgot ALL about Post your pics, lol. Shit, I’ll post up mine inna sec. This should be funny.

Man, LOL I take really bad pics. They’re almost as bad as my drawing.

Me. old, like 2004

more recent. me with emo hair, lol.


another old one. me with akuma hair, looks really retarded


Not really that new, but still one of the better pics of myself in a while.

Pic from, like…god, two or so years ago? I was too AzN… =(

kandoken, you look like Prince w/ the emo hair.
take it as a compliment =]

hahaha not this again. I’ll dig up my pics or take new ones.

Here’s me and my girlfriend at a ball a few years back (I normally dress like a goddamn dirty hippy):


Obviously before the eyepatch pegleg and parrot on the sholder styles.

2004, Shermie shirt

last year, Natsu shirt


Whoa, this is gonna be weird knowing what people look like.

Mug shot at my desk.

Me making a retarded gesture at the ugliest snowman ever.

Man! U gyus are mostly asians i see!! Cool:wgrin:

Explore Boreworm Boreworm

Me and my son :wgrin:

P.S. sfmc, u started this thread, where is ur photo??

Dude don’t worry I didn’t sell anyone out. I just got home from work so now I can upload. sweet.


Very small and blurry though.

Kando haha second pic.

Cp I’d always imagined you were a skinny guy, but you look like a wrestler.

LOL, he does look like Prince.

“In your face, Charlie Murphy!”[/chappelle]

Wrestler? It’s just the shoulder pads. People used think I looked like a Junkie I was so skinny.

This is a pretty out-of-it thread. Soon we’ll be talking to each other using our (Dare I say it) REAL NAMES

Heehehee Akuma hair rocks…

This is definitely surreal. I’ve known some of u like… 5+ years already? :looney: Well I guess it’s time I reveal myself…

Obligatory poser pic

Normal pic

Eating sushi pic

I think it’s pretty well-known that SRK fanart crew is dominated by asians.:bgrin:

Btw SFMC post a bigger pic :nunchuck:

LOL @ Kandoken’s pics & comments… you’re a real riot man XD
I agree with Twelve, it’s pretty cool to put faces to the ppl we’ve known over the years… :slight_smile:
and satanosov – that’s a great pic of you and your kid. how old is he?

I’m gonna break tradition and actually post a pic of myself this time.
I don’t take many photos, and when I do I’m usually goofing around.

rook’s goofy photo

that’s an old pic, circa 2004. Hum, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight since then :frowning:

I am sort of new here…please excuse my stupidity:sweat:

Thanks, rook. ur pic is cool too:wgrin: My son is year and a half. By the way how old are u people?!? Looking ur pics its very hard for me to guess ur age. And besides asians usualy look much yunger than reality. I feel old and ugly around u with my 26 years:confused: :rofl:

here’s my ugly mug.

I have to say this thread is ruining the fantasy i had of how i thought everyone looked. But it’s nice because you’re no longer just an abstract name and an avatar.

Here goes nothing. I usually wear glasses, but i thought i’d sex myself up just for you guys.
Boy, i photograph badly.

LOL, Twelve’s just kidding. no worries man.

heh, I’m guessing I’m the oldest here at an archaic three-zero. Anyone older?

Wombat: whoa, intense pic man :slight_smile:

jz_chu: yeah, it’s kinda weird but yet cool at the same time to see everyone’s mugs. btw your facial expression reminds me of your drawings :slight_smile:

Man 12’s right, there’s a lotta asians in here. I never woulda guessed you guys looking the way you do. For some reason, I thought you guys would look like your avatars and shit, haha.

Chain, you kinda resemble your art a little bit. LOL at the snowman.

Cap, you look like you’ll kick my ass.

Aku looks like a friggin Yakuza member and shit, you can’t be trusted! LOL j/k

MC, for some reason I imagined you as a buff dood, like the guy from Bloodsport. Don’t ask.

Neqs got the ‘Sup muffoga’ pose!

Rook dood you don’t even LOOK ANYWHERE NEAR 30! WTF? Your pic’s hilarious, man.

Rabid, you’ll kick my ass.

I rofl’d at your comments on my pics although I’d prefer to be known as A Pimp Named Slickback rather than Prince, s’all good, :lol: