Pictures of all ''Summer Vacation'' DLC costumes


Alternate link for easier view:

Most look terrible and wtf at Viper’s & Chun-Li’s costume?


Some range from pretty good, best alt at least for Sagat, and Fei Long, and some are horrible like like DeeJays the hell is up with that outfit?


95% god fucking awful. I expected Udon to have some real stinkers in there but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt I figured well maybe 1/3rd of em will turn out decent. NOPE.

I’d say maybe 4-5 of them are good and a ton of them are “how is this summer themed?”


Haha, I like em! I think most look pretty cool. I think Balrog looks the best, though.


When they said ‘‘Summer Vacation’’, I expected bikini for the girls like these (which were also designed by UDON) and not the crap Chun-Li & Viper got:


guy looks like a straight up boss


Poison turned out decent. Guy is meh. Dudley is eh. Juri is odd but fitting. Makoto is ok but I don’t care for it overall. El Fuerte is decent. Honda is aight but I don’t get how it’s summer themed. Balrog is aight, one of the better ones. Gen’s is pretty good. Hugo’s is interesting but fitting. Oni’s is good but I don’t get how it’s summer themed. Sakura is ok.

Thats it for me. Rest of them are varied degrees of butt.

Some of them are seriously bad. Especially Rose/Chun/Viper/Deejay


Guile is just a D. Dark reference, but I don’t see how that has anything to do with summer vacation. Perhaps they shouldn’t have committed to naming it with that theme.


Gouken has the best one




some of those are fuckin sweet IMO

poison, hugo, eryu, vega, bison, fei, rog, fuerte, makoto, duds, and hakan are all good

a special WTF amazing status on gouken and oni

and honorable mention for that rufus one. thats hilarious


…Aaaaand Chun looks like a clown… again. :frowning:


Some costumes are always going to be terrible, but have to admit at least now every character in the game has at least 1 sweet costume Dat Honda yo!


I don’t get Cody’s. At all. Is he some sort of knife wielding crossing guard/janitor?


I think they added some oxygen tank to make it look like a diving suit.


I guess community service cody?


I like Poison’s hair that way.

Not sure how I feel about Rose, need to see it in action first.
Chun looks horrible, just horrible.

A lot of outfits look nice/funny, some great and some awful.


Did people really expect for EVERY character to have a summer themed costume…? It’s just the general direction they were going in with more of the characters than not

Also Boxer looks like Cole from the Martin TV sitcom


Summer Pack with no Bikini’s for the female cast !

I liked D.Dark alt for Guile and Oni’s Alt is very hardcore but the rest is meh !

If this is the Summer Pack more packs are probably on the way. Can’t wait to see Capcom exposed once the disc version is out (unless the alts aren’t on Disc :slight_smile: ).


Uh what? Go look at Elena and Decapre again.