Pictures of Japan Trip/Arcades

here are some of the pictures I took when I was in Japan during winter break. Enjoy


Motherfuckers betting on a virtual horse racing game.

God damn you Japan.

haha nice pics, I love the oposite side arcade style

I think that I’ll go and take some pictures of my arcade…

haha nice pictures! ace amusement arcade looks crazy.

sigh If only the arcades looked like that in America. They look so much more lively over there. And not in the sense of the scene, but just the bright colors add to the mystique of it all. The lights alone would hypnotize a noob and make them play.

lol, “level on.”

Those eggs look delicious!

Man looks so damn fun over there.

Thanks alot for sharing these pics man!

oye! anything that didnt seem like it was made for breakfast looked extreemly dericious

Japan is definitely on my list of go-to-places-at-least-once-in-my-life-list.

their arcades looks so beautiful:sad:

Five head-to-head DR cabinets…wonder how much it must of cost them. 10 Gs??

I like how they throw an egg on everything. :smiley:

How’d you go to Japan and not take any pics of seifuku schoolgirls?!?!

Campbell, get a god damn haircut

Nice Pics Yo.

I am not sure but it looks like that first Pic of OTK. He look like he was F Up. That bitch was higha (Please note that i did not type higher) dan a bitch.

Those arcades are so beautiful.

An ashtray for each 3rd Strike cabinet … heaven on earth.

I see you like street fighter…and tekken!