Pictures of Leopaldon (Guilty Gear Isuka)

Does anyone have any pics of him at all?

you’re very welcome.

Holy shit!

What the FUCK is that thing?!?!?


what the hell is that :confused:

Thank you very much Sol Goodguy. :clap: I had only heard vaguely what he looked like. After hearing about him I just had to see what it looked it. Now after seeing that all I can say is. Wow just Wow that is fucked up.

yeah…pictures of ol’ Leo are still very hard to come by…

Anyway, he’s retardedly powerful too. He autoguards everything except if you hit the dog (which can’t be blocked at all) and his moves are…weird. There’s one where he bends down and a little fish falls out of the giant mouth, and if it connects, auto-dizzy. He also throws giant meatballs. if there’s enough demand, I might post some pics of some of that stuff too.

Any takers?

Well you can put me on the list of takers.

same here :clap:

me three

Mama Mia! It’s a giant meatball!

Can Jam cook this well?

EDIT: I just looked at it and realized that the man in the hood looks very much like a frog in this shot…intentional or not? You be the judge.

Hungry? Why Wait?

(Off to work, I’ll post more tonite or tomorrow)

That has to be the weirdest boss char ever :confused: :wow:

Just when I thought GGXX Isuka was a crapfest. That has to be some of the best character design /ever/.

he looks like Sasquatch on steroids. What the fuck!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!

screenshots by LeBlackDragon

Awesome! Good one!

Seems I’ve been outdone by Zazz…again.

I did make a leopaldon vid of all his moves, but have nowhere to host it…

Anyone wanna help?

The expression on Juramento Nagel’s little key face is hilarious.

Leo looks tight as hell, I want to play that Street Shark of a beast.

More Leo

Projectile Vomit: