Pictures of people on kaillera/zbattle

I’ve gone through the trouble of setting up a photobucket account.

Account name is: shoryukensrk
Password is : shoryuken

Post a pic of yourself in there and link it here. Lets put a face to all of these kaillera/zbattle names!

Heres me

btw, I added your name to your picture’s description fatherbrain :slight_smile:

Thanks ryu! Heres Bent Leet. He still can’t register on SRK yet…

Enderz has a topic like this:

:rofl: at lots of those pics

Heres me anyways:

I know, but hell, this is pretty much the central spot, I would think, where people gather for the most part.
Dance Floor Killa!

This picture was added in that Enders site a while back

This is an updated picture of me


Either way, you’re goin’ DOWN m1x4h!!!

LOL @ Tea’s post.

How did that enderz site get some pics of you guys? Some of you in there didn’t even post them yourselves. o_O… Kinda creepy.


LOL @ the enderz thread.
somma those kids are wearin’ more hankerchiefs than there are in LA.

lol that was hilarious

:rofl: holy fuck Kicks :rofl:


Heres my black ass LOL:rofl: