PIE Chin's Cody



What do you guys think of his Cody?


After watching this video and few others I can’t really say I’m impressed. With that said, he does have a good Cody. But honestly, it’s really hard to tell how skilled/strong of a player is through only a few videos. However, I could be speaking out of ignorance. PIE Chin sort of came out of nowehere for me. Was he a very reputable player somewhere else or with another character and just started picking up Cody? I look forward to seeing how he turns out.


apparently he was a Ken player before hand. that’s all I know about him.

I try to watch anytime he plays or videos pop up on him and Aulord but the last time I watched videos was like months ago. His Cody’s decent though.


His Cody is easily one of the better Cody’s out there. Second maybe to BJ Unchained and a few others. But he’s probably better than half the Cody players that say he’s meh… I doubt those players would even get a game on players like Smug and Sanford…lol