Piece of Mercury


My main is Vega and i wonder how to use PIECE OF MERCURY. When we see it, it look like overhead, but it’s not…

This move have a utility ? How do you use it ?


Oh, you must be talking about Piece of Shit.
Seriously, don’t use it.
Also, Q&A thread, please.

ive found a few uses for peice of mercury. it can be used to gain ground quickly since. and sets up for a great tick throw on hit or on block. on block it sets up for great mix up, and a well timed one goes over sweeps. but maybe rizhall is right…

I thought your post said “Hi! My name is Vega.”

Wow, Vega doesn’t even know his own moves because they’re so shitty lol

It has its uses, it has a lot of reach and can reach someone from when the round begins. It’s also great for tick throwing and hoping over low attacks

try here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=187678&highlight=piece+mercury

I never had success using Piece of Mercury for Tick Throws. On block it leaves you at -5 frame disadvantage. Even if you do a meaty Piece of Mercury, the best you can get is -2, and don’t quote me on this but if you do it meaty, regular throw wont have enough range; you might be looking at a kara throw to cover the lost distance.

piece of mercury beats up balls and buffalo headbutts, probably some other reversals too but not that i’ve noticed. that’s what it’s supposed to be used for, it’s not good for tick throwing as the above poster said

I’m sorry?

Anyway, i only use it when i land a meaty sweep (did i say that right?) to get to the other side of them for the eventual “combo” that ends with an Izuna

balrog’s special reversal. the headbutt

Oh, I know what it is, i’m just shocked that it works

crouching medium kick does the same thing though, and is safer

The what? Crouching medium kick beats headbutt?

That’s what i’m saying. But i still haven’t tried it out yet lol

you bet it does

headbutt has no invincibility (i never knew that til i looked at frame data again, only EX has invincibility) and the hitbox starts from just under the claw when you do c. str… so instead, do a move that goes along the ground. like c. medium! i’m almost positive it works. I’ve never tested it outside of an actual match, but every time I use it I never see a headbutt. I’ve seen REVERSAL after I’ve corpsehopped people, so I’m almost certain it’s the headbutt I usually beat. Try it out. i bet a meaty slide could do it too