Piecemontee SF4 Explorer problem


I can’t get this to work. I get - CreateDevice returned InvalidCall -

Running as Adm did not work. My computer is ancient junk but I thought I could at least use the program to extract the dds files. I want to use them for another game.
Do I need another graphics card to run the Piecemontee SF4 Explorer or is it something else?

My computer is T3612, 512 mb DDR2, 2GB memory, Celeron D 3.46GHz, 82945G Express Chipset.

I know this isn’t enough to even play the game but I’m not going to play it (at least not right now) I just want to get extract the dds files. I could buy a cheap video card but that’s about it.


I have no idea what you’re talking about. Moving to tech talk I guess?


Thanks for the move. Maybe someone will know the answer here. Is it possible I have a bad copy? Does the piecemontee SF4 asset explorer not work with Direct X 11? I saw an old question about Direct x 9 and someone said something about missing a driver but I wouldn’t think that would be the case in a newer version.


Problem solved by myself. I bought a better video card. Not expensive one but one that would work with what I have. Asset Explorer now opens with no problem. I may have some questions in the future about how to mod the game but none for now.