Pigs rough up pastor at border stop

I am interested in what you guys think about this video:


It is always interesting to me what regular folk think about the police. Growing up in a black family in Chicago I am amazed when people (usually white) have the admiration for law enforcement that they do. I will never forget when I went to an all black high school when I was downtown and saw a group of white high schoolers who saw a police car, and they all ran up to the squad car to say hi and make friends with the officers. This is just a complete impossibility for a group of black high school students.

This video and the comments in it really make me sick. It reminds me of The Preacher where Jesse’s father in Vietnam, has a suddenly realization and starts ranting to his black squadmate about how Uncle Sam is a lie, the whole war is bullshit, everything is bullshit. His squadmate’s response “So this is what it’s like to be white??” :rofl:

I think it’s fucking incredible how the SHEEP in the comments think that you DESERVE to be abused and mocked for trying to use your RIGHTS guaranteed by the constitution. These people LITERALLY think that police are the lords of the united states and if you do not comply with whatever their whim is, you must “have it comming”. They will follow any voice of authority, right or wrong, they are cowards and this pastor is only 1,000 times the man any of them could ever hope to be. You don’t HAVE rights unless other braver people put them to the test, the system is constantly trying to erode them, especially post 9/11 when the entire world changed (from our perspective).

My earliest memory in life is hearing my uncle wail like an animal while getting beaten in his jail cell by multiple “police officers” while he was handcuffed.

Anyways, rant off, just wondering if you guys had anything to say, if you feel he deserved it for “resisting”, please explain in detail why the police should be able to rake someone’s face across glass and tazer them that many times to allow an illegal search.

I’ve NEVER been in or even witnessed a single situation that was helped by the involvement of the police. They are just so easily manipulated to fuck people over and they don’t care. They will side with whoever calls on them, which will usually be the cowardly people who see the police as their parents, who they use at any time to “tell on you”. I was once forced out of my own home by the police when someone who didn’t live there called the police and told them that I was trespassing. So I can VERY easily see cops beating the shit out of just about anybody just because they can.

As for the youtube comments, there’s not a doubt in my mind that anyone who would side with the police in a situation like that would have to be privileged in one way or another. Probably white, probably middle to upper class. But therein lies the ancient problem with class and race. Whoever is on top won’t have to deal with all the bullshit, and when they see the not-so-privileged having to put up with shit, they assume it’s because they did something wrong, when that’s almost never the case. The only thing they did wrong was not being born the kind of person that the police benefit from protecting(aka The people on top… aka The white and wealthy). Sorry, a bit of a tangent.

Anyway, the comments section of youtube is practically a window to the shittiest, most shameful sewers of humanity. So I would try to just ignore it.

Short version: Fuck the police

This is why secruity footage the government takes of us should be available to us in some way. Sounds like most of this incident should be on video somewhere, how many views and how much outrage would there be if THAT was on youtube.

Actually, now that I think of it, still probably not as much as Domino’s. Man, Americunts are stupid.

I work in public defense so I try to view things from the prospective of the defendant as much as possible. One thing I would like to point out is that the probable cause was valid if in fact the dog did react. However, we can’t know if the cop was just lying or not w/o an investigation.

I’d write more but I am late for an interview with a deputy right now. Who I suspect got probable cause for his stop from DWM (driving while mexican).

Good conversation Airthrow. I used to live in Chicago myself. 24th? and Cermak if I remember right.

Chinatown, nice.

To be honest I was almost more offended by the youtube commentors saying the pastor deserved it than the idiotic power-hungry pigs who scraped his face along the glass. I KNOW they were stupid meatheads doing it for a thrill because they are bullies who don’t like someone defending their rights to challenge them. The youtubers… I can’t even imagine what brand of idiocy they have, I can’t even contemplate what would cause someone to be that dumb and cheer someone getting assaulted for defending their rights that so many people in this crappy ass country died for.