PILEDRIVER -Ottawa March-


-Ottawa- Please post here and be my friend :frowning: lonely

-Ottawa- Please post here and be my friend :frowning: i’m so lonely

Fuck you faggot. You wanna be friends? Alright…lets be friends

ha ha i was joking. No one wants to be friends with you.

I think I speak for the entirety of the Ottawa community when I say:


P.S. Ehsan, that post was extremely funny.

Zangief’s idol, the original piledriver and the lariat. may you rest in peace Mayor.

who’s going to mercury lounge?

(this thread was made by the ‘fake’ forest just so you know before anyone gets too angsty about this)

Ottawa ‘Spring Time’ March Thread

march thread for ottawa

GG’s everyone Friday nite. Good thing that the controllers were workin for CVS2… 3rd strike seemed really fucked up. If you pressed down back on the right side, you could make ure opponent not be able to move ^^. Sorry for not uploadin any videos recently. Last week I was fiending games like there was no tomorrow X_X. Maybe i got influenced by that lunar eclipse. Next Friday if everyone comes down again I’m a bring my cam too. Some of them X-men grudge matches were preety good I heard :slight_smile:

Good games Ryad and Roble. It was fun for the 2 or 3 hours, too bad we always have to do this on a sunday.

note: there are three ottawa threads. Im staying in this one.

Post in the other thread, it was made first.

No it wasnt. Check the date and times.


Does anyone have advice on improving on the PSP’s crappy controls?

Also, there is an AI glitch: U/F, N, 4 launcher seems to ALWAYS hit for mega damage.
Besides that fault, the PSP Tekken DR AI is SOLID…demoralizing, even.

Ah, I love that picture. I was gonna make a March thread on the morning of the first but I had nothing witty for the title and first post. The only thing that came to mind was CAPS LOCK MARCH but that only really applies to some other forum.

Anyway. I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve actually hit the arcade, I’m probably back to scrub at CvS2. Are there still some days where I can expect people to be there, or is everything pre-planned?

i’m so glad i went out today, i had such a great time.

You’re right Ju. Capital letter ftw…
Funny only because of Ehsan’s response…


EDIT: Reported the thread with this message:
Useless attempt at making fun of an Ottawa player. Not a real thread + flame bait from an imposter.

so it was…

Big shout out to everyone who came out last night,
you have no idea how much fun that was. That was some grade-A, certifiable, great success.
I could hear y’all from the rafters, and that shit got me MAD hype.

Special thanks to Ran-a-ku for the beast-mode assist, and 1HC for beasting all over the boards, motherfuckers were JAMMING to that joint.

Oh god and that breaking circle? Jesus if I could go back in time i would have taken vid of that. I don’t know what was better, Dee’s free-beasting or 2Dor, cuz both were amazing for very different reasons.

I’m done class at like 630,
if I don’t meet up with this broad,

XSF beasting? I’m specifically thinking Dee and CB, but the offer’s open to whoever.
Get at meeeeeeeee

Great night last night…can’t believe I made it to work.
Red China, Proof and Da Wit were killers amoungst fuzzy teddy bears. Seriously, you guys murdered shit. Da Wit soon should get his stage time.

The break circle was hilarious…2Dor ftw.

We need to get those other 2 Ottawa threads deleted. Whoever is faking the forest account, please just have some sort of restraint. I probably found Ehsan’s response (to himself?) funnier than everyone but I still think it’s a waste.