It’s been a while since i’ve done any street fighter fan art, so I figured I would draw some. ^^ Hope you guys enjoy it.


Very, very cute.

But they should be in their skimpy unmentionables, thus you must redraw this post haste, lest you not wished to be exiled.

Or something like that Princess.


Yeah, I thought about that…but I wasn’t in the mood for costume design at the time, so I just decided to draw them as they are. Besides, this way you can definetly tell that they are Cammy and Sakura instead of just two broads in fancy laced lingerie. :smiley:

For future artistic endeavors then I suppose. A real shame noone else has replied to this, it’s such an adorable and nicely done piece of work.


Yeah, it’s cute. I think it works better in their normal wear instead of their nighties.

Nice Pic.

**PRINCESS!!! **

Where ya been hiding?!?!?? Good thing I wandered back into this area tonight. Very nice pic as usual. oh yeah, I’ve started putting everything into one thread now instead of making a bunch of new ones. Go check it out. I don’t think you’ve seen any of the stuff in there right now, so enjoy. :smiley:


that’s my girl! keep it up babe.

Wow. Nice job Princess!

I don’t really see any room for improvement! Maybe give it a catchy title on the image itself but other than that… looks great!

You should also put your website address on it for shameless self promotion… :wink: :smiley:

I like it!! Two of my favourite characters too!:slight_smile:

Hmmm…I would like to see a skimpier version…:stuck_out_tongue:

Cute-ness.:slight_smile: And I dunno, we’re all SF fans. I think if you kept Sakura’s headband and Cammy’s braids, then we’d know who they are. I would mind seeing them in less clothing either. Good pic though.^^

Good work…nice and clean…cute poses for the both of them…a definite winner i think…and im not just sayin that cuz Al said so :slight_smile: .

very well done …

i bet you she can draws al’s naked pic as well namean mang0??