PIM and Waku cheats

Any one know where to find a cheat.dat with basic power instinct matrimelee and waku waku 7 cheats contained within?

muhaha Good luck with that.


try there.

I tried retrogames a while ago, came up on a google search. Dled the new cheat.dat they have hosted up. 5mgs larger than my old one, but no PIM cheats (not sure about waku, havnt checked). Forum also doesnt have anything up yet.

MAWS has cheats listed for both. If they’re not in the dat file, you might have to add them. There should be a how-to or something on the Pugsy cheat forum @ retrogames.



(note: MAWS is a huge database of ROM info, except WITHOUT the roms. Think mame.dk only sans the downloads)

pim on the character select screen

upx4, downx3, leftx2,rightx1

that unlocks the rage of the dragons characters

Thanks for the links jedahMinistry, editing them in and trying to get them working now. Still no luck, though.