Pimp my Joystick

I was thinking about putting together some crazy custom mods in a joystick I don’t really use, but I can’t think of anything as I’m typing this. Remember that iPod stick mod somebody mentioned a while back? dunno why you would want that, but it is certainly interesting.

I was thinking that maybe we should have some kind of contest or something to see who could come up with some innovative/crazy/rediculous custom made controllers.

I was even considering asking the EVO guys if they would be willing to have a stick builders’ contest at the next EVO, but I pretty much stick to this part of the forum and I wouldn’t even know who to talk to about that anyway. However, <b>I’d be willing to throw a significant chunk of change to the winner</b>, if lots of people are interested in participating. Just a thought. Any opinions?

I think this is a neat idea. I guess you could always talk to Mr. Wizard about it or PM any mod and have them pass on the message. I wish I could put up a fight but seeing as I haven’t even started building my first stick yet, that’s probably not a very good idea : )


I think that innovative and joystick are contradictory since the best joysticks are usually the simple ones. Making an innovative joystick would mean creating some beautiful but useless hunk of metal. I think the contest should be for an input device that can function as a joystick, that way, it would at least serve some purpose; that and it should be judged with practicality as one of its criteria.

In any case, I’d be interested in participating.

I think I got what you were saying- Of course it would have to be a working joystick. The main thing would be that it plays well, in addition to looking good.

I think a lot of the designers here have done innovative things already.

Even if we do this, you probably have lots of time to work on it- I don’t think there should be any limitations, so long as it is functional. Also, you should get started! :tup:

i think i mentioned this in the last thread from a while back.

  • duel cup holders
  • neon lights
  • spinner rims mounted on the wood
  • ipod holder + charger (via usb) :rock:

Haha, I’ve been trying. I’m just lacking Sanwa parts at the moment. I’m also trying to do a TRNG type case where it’s made from one solid block of wood or MDF. I didn’t have access to any kind of machine shop but I just recently joined a woodworkers guild in my area and they ahve a small shop. I’ll probably start cutting on Wednesday if I can find a suitable piece of wood.


I’m a big fan of rims on things where rims have no business.
EDIT: That isn’t sarcasm either, I apprciate the comedic value.

Ah, someone already took my spinnahs idea. But a spoiler might be in order…

i don’t think this has been brought up before:

removable stick and button panels!

so that people who visit or borrow sticks and want this or that stick/buttons will easily be able to switch. you can pretty much use any combination of parts if this flies. :smiley: i’d definitely try it if i had time, but i don’t.

you can easily get your hands on those 1:18 or 1:24 scale dub cars and take the rims off those. or you can just ask a hobby shop owner if they have replacement spinner rims.

drill a hole out in your box for the spinner to fit, line it up with glue, and it’s pimp my ride season 2 all over again.

actually… now that i think about it… this isn’t a bad idea.

i’d do this if my stick had a bigger mounting area for a spinner to fit… :sad:

A real pimped Joystick would have this:

  • Aluminum case.
  • Clear high grade smoked glass for the top.
  • Full Headset support which does not look getto. The port need to look like it was molded into the case.
  • Two tone professional spray paint for the Box, Buttons, and Joystick.
  • In built small LCD panel which would display the command that you have inputted.

It’s been done. By CigarBob. His cabient (which as showcased at this past EVO05, was even used for ST Finals and other games) Both the first and second player panels can be comletely removed and switched out for a US setup or vice versa a Japanese setup which was toptier. It also played XvsSF and other popular Capcom boards, supported PS2 games, had a DVD recorder to record matches, and speakers! The artwork was from the SFA poster used for the SFA sticks, but had a custom Japanese/US flag reflecting the panel setup.

I’m working on a new 2 player panel myself, but it’s not going to be anything near like CigarBob’s cab. I don’t intend to have a system in it but I’m brainstorming what I want to have running inside though. :wgrin:

What about a fish tank or a stick with some speakers?

Im actualy working on a cabinet idea that I can live in. Have a bed in one area and shit. I will see how it will work.

In the next few weeks i will be making a new thread for my next cabinet im going to build. So keep an eye out for that. There have been a ton of design updates to my old cabinet that will improve the experience and make it easier to use.

Rotendo : Sorry i haven’t replied to your PM yet. I will get around to it on monday when im back at work.


no, that’s not what i was talking about. seen pics of that cab, and it was great, but it’s not exactly the same.

what i’m planning to do has pretty much the same idea, except it handles sticks and buttons separately, so that it’s possible to use Japanese sticks with US buttons, or whatever other combination anyone may want.

Something like… this perhaps?

yes, something like that. :smiley:

One thing I would totally rock would be a cup holder!:wgrin:

id like to put an ashtray in mine, and a cupholder