Pimp my Joystick

byrdo ftw

I really am interested in having a contest, thanks everyone for posting ideas. How many of you go to Evo? If you don’t, would you still be willing to enter your sticks into the contest, If I were able to make this event happen?

But a diamond border around the top! That would be ill!

Ok, I’m really starting to get ideas on this subject again. How many of you are still interested?


Count me in, though I can only do Mods…I can’t really build new sticks from scratch.


im actually working on one right now… it will blow alot of peoples minds lol!! hopefuilly

Mine too- I’m working on a dual sanwa modded Astro City panel :rofl:

It should be hawt. I have to do vector graphics since its gonna be soo large (well not really large but you get the idea). I’m putting a handle on it too…