Pinball Wizard Arcade Tournament Series #1 Results

Super Street Fighter 3 Arcade Edition Singles
1 DMGWeaksauce
2 DMGGridman
3 Doug Cosip
4 Lucky D
5 Domo
5 AsianTom
7 Komradekraig
7 NH Rich
9 pumperjam
9 DJeeeeeeeee
9 dreadloord
9 eighty
13 NewBlood
13 chuck
13 J5
13 MoneyMakerG47
17 Moxmaniac
17 Xurkey
17 Andrew Estrella
17 Vanerost
17 BugsBunny
17 DustyFeets
17 MagMuscles
17 PrinceD0zer
25 Marco
25 Bluenine
25 CitizenCIA
25 Ms Hawkeye

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 3v3 Teams

1 Team Last Boss
2 Championship Belt
3 all my lawyer
5 The Main Event
5 Team Pringles
7 Low Execution Play
7 TSN (Forfeited)
1 Dan
2 NewBlood
3 Komradekraig
3 Asit
5 vyers
5 NH Rich
5 Nazgul

BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 2v2 Teams

1 Team Fiona
2 Snakes’N’Barrells
3 Nissan Altima
4 Team Mash D
5 grinding shaft
5 Team Rebellion
7 Team Science
1 phoenix
2 mcpeanuts
3 citizenCIA
4 Keith
5 why
5 Bluenine
7 mask
7 Joey
9 citizencia
9 chris landry

Shoutouts to all of our neighboring communites (Maine, various parts of Mass/RI) for showing up in force to support our first tournament effort. I think I speak for all who worked hard to bring this tournament to life when I say THANK YOU!! It means a lot and we will be bringing more creative tournament additions to the fold making use of everything we have at PWA. But it wouldn’t work without great players showing up to compete and once again a huuuuuuuge thank you to you all that came, participated, left suggestions for improvement (please use this space for more ideas or criticisms etc), made it more hype even helped out!

Special Shoutouts:

@NHRich: Could not have run brackets without your assistance man, true lifesaver. Kraig you as well man. We may still be running the MK brackets right now lol.

@Kraig/Tim: Making sure everything on the floor from stations (sometimes even an entire tournament) ran smoothly and fixing errors on the fly.

@AsianTom: That stream put everything over the top. Thank you for your time and efforts in making that happen. We will have a table for you next time, I promise haha.

@Ill Will/CB/Tom/LuckyD and anyone else I am leaving out that took time to provide hype commentary on the stream. There were some lulls in between some matches that didn’t do anyone favors who was on the mic. You guys did awesome with what you had, so thank you for that!

@Pumperjam: Thanks for kicking me out of the AE tournament ass! Jk Jk

@Will: You saved Kraigs life with that laptop lol.

Shoutouts to me getting 3rd AND 9th place in MK9. I’m that good.

DAMMNNN … I knew you were good but that’s imba.


Can’t wait to stream again, need new cameras $$

Haha, that jumped out at me too. The actual 3rd place finisher was peckapowa.

Sorry it took me so long to forward the results (was sick). Was a great turnout!

Hope to go next time. Commentating on a stream is my life’s ambition, but it doesn’t help if I don’t show up! I’m there next time, I swear!

well, now that the fight nights will have a $5 venue fee that will feed back into the game nights maybe we can turn our attendance into streaming equipment on site so nobody would have to bring anything. Something to think about… and thanks again for doing that. this tourney was really only successfull because it was super collaborative in almost all aspects.

That’s pretty nasty! If you need any help with that lemme know!

shout outs to “DJeeeeeeeee” LOLOL

Fun times though! It was unfortunate that I magically got placed in losers, but thanks a bunch to the guys who fixed the problem, I really appreciate it.

FYI i’m fucking amazing at “come on baby” next time I’m in pinball, I will be taking money matches.

I think the belt motion is the best thing in the world
Awesome first tourny
Also sorry to blue9 and his friend for bailing on mvc3 :(:(:frowning: I still feel bad