Ping Limit

I was kicked from a game for having 110 ping. I mean that’s not bad if the other guy is like 18 ping. Do any of you have a limit how high a person ping is that your going to play. 130 and higher i would consider bad conditions to play in. But some people whine over small lags like it changed the whole game.

If their ping is about 90-100, I give them one match…if it lags, I kick. If their ping exceeds 100, I don’t even bother. It’s funny how all of them say “don’t worry, no lag”, and it’s the same thing everytime - laggy.

Didn’t notice this comment…I don’t know how you can say this. Almost everyone I fight that has high ping, gets lucky so many times in so many situations…although even then they sitll cannot pull off a win. They get away with dumb shit that would easily be punished, or combo misses, all the time. And even worse, they don’t seem to even notice the obvious screwups due to lag…and get excited if they can squeeze out a win from it. If people were more open minded about what is going on in the match (and why errors occur), then I’d probably not make such a big deal about someone’s ping.

Yeah, a lot of people are in denial about their ping. I love it when people with 130ms try to tell me that I’m the one who’s lagging.
That being said, I’ve met people with 90ms who barely lagged, and people with 30ms who were skipping like hell.

The thing is, it can though. All it takes is a half a second of lag for me to miss a link and for you to punish.

Maybe it’s too much of a load for server to refresh pings, but it’d be good to have ping refresh maybe every 10 sec or something. Because a constant ping = no lag, a jumping ping = lag.

Trust me half the time it’s not them. These servers are packed especially GodWeapon. You can’t escape lag by the way, mostly all online games lag.

Stop being a speed demon, you may get upset that your infinte didn’t connect the way you wanted or not at all. You have to adapt to different fighting situations and they might get lucky. I’m sure anyone could squeeze a win in if they button mash becuase that’s what they do in lag situations. Not even playing a game like MVSC, SFA3 is a slow paced sorta game. I really don’t see why people get upset I mean you set the pace of the match and you will win. It’s not like your going to pull off some insane combo as in VS series. People are way too picky now adays.

But then when a low pinger joins, this (rarely) doesn’t happen…why do you think that is?

I do pull off “insane combos” in games outside of the VS series, such as kof. Against a good player, completing the combo you happened to catch the opopnent with, is key - one screwup will make you pay dearly…can easily change the match around. Bottom line, if lag is affecting my gameplay, then I have the option to not play with that person. I want my games to be as close to real-time arcade as possible.

Most of the players on kaillera are mashers - mashing gameplay will work more often in the lag because it is easy to mistime a combo or attack string. If this lag affects my ability, then I’m out.

Actually, I can name some pretty crazy combos in almost every major competitive fighter.
Even Super Turbo has some pretty good stuff.

People automatically make a judgement that there is going to be a tremendous amounts of lag before the fight even starts. What do you expect in a packed server with 30 people. Atleast play one match before you kicked the guy to see how things work out.

Eh, in an ideal world, everyone wouldn’t lag, but people do, so people tend to gravitate towards playing people that have lower pings because pings have some indication on the chance the player may be laggy.

I haven’t played anyone with a ping in excess of 100, but even under that sometimes there can be unwanted lag spikes.

Of course then there is always zbattle.

On a server like GodWeapon that has a big net pipe and lots of cpu and memory, the server being full has no impact on your lag. Now I see lots of kids trying to run server’s on their cable or dsl line, and in that case yea, you can get lag when there’s more than 4-6 or so people playing at the same time.