Ping: Philadelphia Area Players

I read the thread about what happened with Hal at UP. I co-founded Right now we run Halo 3 & Guitar Hero 3 tournaments. But we want to expand into fighters. Since my partners and I are Halo & Guitar Hero players we don’t want to just say, “Hey, fighter game tournament. Show up.” We want to do it right.

We’ll be running regular tournaments out of a hall in Northeast Philly where we control all the decisions. And depending on interest we could run fighter tournaments up to twice a month. I say that because I’m dealing with the same nonsense with a LAN center right now on a Halo tournament. We built custom maps and he said that his players wanted to play default maps. Just a bunch of nonsense.

We’re trying to be an alternative to MLG where pro players and casuals can come out, compete and have fun and nobody feels like they’re marching up to the fort at the end of Glory.

We’ve run tournaments on Halo:CE, Halo 3, Madden and Guitar Hero. So between us, I think there’s a lot of tournament experience and we can definitely help each other out.

And for the Philly area players, since we haven’t done anything, we’re working with a clean slate. I have an idea of how fighter tournaments are usually run. But this is a chance to do it right from the jump. So please, tell me what you guys are looking for, and how we can run successfull fighter events.

If you want to check out what we’re doing:
MySpace (Halo 3 site that gives us message board space)

Philly Gamers is sponsored by Steel Series (hot headphones and PC hardware), Jolt Energy (used to be Jolt Cola), Giltch Gear (a new t-shirt company) and we have a handshake agreement with a corporate sponsor to throw some duckets at us. We don’t want to jinx it right now, though.

do you do anything with cpu shooters like counter strike at all because if you do that would be amazing for my team if we got sponsored. anyway i live in the northeast area and if i can help with the tournament organization in anyway let me no i ran a few small tounrys outta a lan center about two years back they did ok for the turnout store still made a profit at the end of the day :slight_smile:

Kyle, we’re all PC game stupid. We may get into the PC games at some point. But right now we’re just taking it one step at a time. We’ve got the FPS’s down with Halo (and soon Call of Duty). We’ve got Guitar Hero down. Next are the fighter games. We’re really moving methodically and trying to do everything the right way. We don’t want to hamhock anything.

But Kyle, I’m going to be hanging around the board, so if we do expand into PC games, we’ll definitely talk.

Right now though we’re looking for somebody (and just trolling threads, I really hope Hal sees this thread) that knows the fighters scene and can help us with the rule set for games. Like, I’m aware of glitches and characters in games that are banned for tournament play. But I don’t know what characters, and I couldn’t identify the glitches.

And yeah, a few years ago there were stacks and stacks out there for CS:1.6. Now I think everyone’s settled down into their online leagues. Consoles are the wild west right now between MLG, CGS, XLeague and all the local promoters. So we’re trying to stake our claim there.

you do realize that i meant i ran fighter tourny at my lan center not cs right lol i was just asking for my team cuz i do other things besides fighters… my main goal right now is fighters i play every game out their. literally you name it i play it… i can run fighting game tournys if you need the help its the main reason i posted here…

I finally saw your post(:confused:), get at me using my cell number so we can talk about this. I’m really interested in working this out