Ping times during peak hours: Which ISP provides the lowest one in the US? ( socal )

So I have my ps3 wired to my modem, set to dmz, port forward, qos, etc …
Everything works sweet with normal speeds of 7.0 mbps download, 0.75 mbps upload, and ping around 32ms. I have verizon dsl, and cant get fios because its not available in my area. Now when I try playing ssf4 at around peak hours like 9pm, the ping time increases dramatically to around 170ms. Also my download speeds vary from 7.0 to 3.5, upload not that much. I know the latency is making me get 90% of the time players with red and orange bars, so I dont know what I can do about this.
Is there something I can do on my end? If not, then whats a good isp and which plan is the best in order to get a nice online fighting game experience like in ssf4?
I live in the south California area by the way.

Is Time Warner really worth it? I read in a thread that there could be a dns problem with that ISP, so Im not sure. Poor me that I dont have FIOS available in my area. =(