Pink Akuma?

This demon is raaaging

sorry for bad quality photos (completely forgot about the record game feature facepalm)
Some how Sean and Akuma switched colours. It’s almost perfect expect akuma’s hair is oddly shaded and edges of Sean bottoms are sprinkled with pink pixels. Tanned Sean looks awesome though.

I don’t quite know how to explain why this happens, but every blue moon you’d see this happen in GGPO as well

would be pretty cool if this meant with a little tweaking Sean could have Akuma’s colours :tup:

thats sick !

hahaha that palette looks pretty cool on sean

Evil Sean and Pink Akuma. Characters exclusive for 3soe

This DLC?

So no one knows why this happens?

No glitch of some kind

Nope, first time I’ve ever come across it.

I was playing this guy nobody else was in the lobby so we just kept doing rematches I was Sean he was Akuma.
This might have been the 3rd of 4th rematch, he beat me in this game so I hit rematch but a window popped up saying player had left the game.
I was sent back to the lobby but he was still there, so we waited for the countdown clock to appear. It must have taken about 20seconds for the countdown clock to appear, once it hit zero instead of taking us to the character select screen we were thrown straight into the game,** except I was now Akuma and he was Sean!**

Roflll! I giggled quite tenderly when i read this post.

In OE underder DLC there is a section called colour packs :tup:

Renic posted a video where Chun took Urien’s colors and Urien disappeared O_o

satsui no fabulous

Found it :lol:

OE doesn’t save replays like AE does it? I can’t go back and look at my game history, correct?

3SO saves all your online and Local Multiplayer games in the Unwatched Replays category untill you turn off your console.

Damnit I was happy and until I read the last part of your post

it’s a simple palette swap, all shotos are basecally headswaps of… sean. and their palettes share a very large common ground.

Here it’s a bug, obviously, the game has a hard time knowing who’s player one and who’s 2. Weird.
It would still be cool to have either extra colour sets, or, much much better, a colour edit mode, so we could exchange colours.
Of course, you should be able to force your colours on your own screen.

If you want to have a laugh, go have a look there, we did tons of edits for the emulated version of the game, and ESN made me laugh doing more or less the same pink gouki ^^

I like Pink Akuma, and hell, I even kinda like “cool Sean”. That weird Chun color looks awful though…she could have stolen Greg Louganis colors instead.

I wonder if there is a way to force this glitch to happen?

Lol i thought he was being sarcastic so i laughed. Haha. But i have unlocked the alternate colors for certain characters. I at first didn’t know how to but then i was given the heads up. Thanks though man!