Pink Gorilla: sessions every Saturday starting at 3PM, MvC2/ST/A3


zass and myself killed a few hours at the U-District Pink Gorilla on Saturday. It’s a cozy little shop with a nostalgic feel. It brought back memories of the old AVE arcades of yore like Gamespace–which used to be just a few meters north of where PG currently resides. The MvC2 and ST sticks were in excellent condition, and I was seriously tempted to drop a grand or two on some classic games that I coveted during my insolvent youth.

No SFIV variations as of yet, so that might turn off some of the people who can only play that game.

We were wondering whether people would be interested in meeting there on a regular basis. The atmosphere of playing in an arcade environment cannot be matched with home or online play. When you have to defend your quarter or get to the back of the line, the feel of the game morphs into something altogether different. By different, I mean better.

How’s about once a week or bi-weekly. Saturday or Sunday afternoons? They are open till a later hour on Saturdays, but I’d rather spend Saturday evenings doing non-gaming things. My vote would be for Sundays, so that you can make peace with God before coming to cast quarters over my robe.

4341 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105-5808


They have arcade ST there? I’m up for it for sure.


I love that place haha. Got a couple old school megaman figurines there :slight_smile: I’d be down to drop by.


Awesome! I was really hoping something like this would start up and I’m willing to accommodate you guys however I can, whether just by moving cabs around to give you more elbow room, switching PCBs or whatever else. So please let me know if you have any requests or ideas.

About GameSpace, isn’t that the arcade that was previously Space Port in the early 80s? If so, I’m 99% sure we’re in the exact same building as them. Pretty amazing to think that I have an arcade in the same spot as an arcade I used to frequent as a little kid. I haven’t had it totally confirmed, and I was too young to remember it myself, but many people have come in to PG claiming it was the old Space Port building.


I would be willing to show up once in a while. Preferably on Saturday early afternoonish.


But not this Saturday, right? I mean, you can’t plan for shit on Saturday when Friday’s going to fuck you up.

Of the people who won’t be drowning in their own vomit this Saturday afternoon, who would like to show up? One more thing is that food on the AVE is far better than anything within a block or so of Gameworks. So not only do the controls work, you won’t have to take out another mortgage just to have lunch in between games. If only there was cheap parking before 6PM… But even that is less expensive than parking downtown.


I’m up for it if we can get a few people there. I presume they are American sticks and buttons? Japanese would be too much to hope for…

I don’t have access to either GGPO or HDR right now so I’m hurting for a fix.


I always stop in when I am around the U-District, and usually play through a game of CVS2 just to spam supers with S-Groove. Good to hear they they have ST now.

I will likely be able to make it down for a few Saturday/Sunday matches with notice. I can usually find 1-2 legitimate reasons to make it up to the U-district on a given weekend.



It’s a japanese cab. Rejoice.


Im interested in a regular session. Saturdays are bad for me though.


Holy shit, that is fucking awesome.


Astro city sticks on the cab, a nice monitor as well. I think it’s 50 cents per play for all games. Mor and I stopped by last week for a couple games of St. I can’t believe how much more I like St > HDR every time I get the chance to play St again.


Nope, ST is $.25 and MvC2 is .50 to start, .25 to continue. I also just added Alpha 3 in a New Astro City with all Sanwa parts (colors are mismatched for now, they were all I had, but they’re new/perfect) also for $.25.


Sanwa JLF?


From what I could tell, yes. I think the parts are exactly the same as a TE.

Unfortunately I’ll probably never be able to make it out on weekends since I’m usually working, but I always try to stop by for at least an hour a day during the school week. Hopefully I’ll see some people other than HeavyD playing during the weekdays.

@DoughBoy You should add to the title of the thread (Arcade ST/MvC2/A3) so people who are too lazy to read new threads will know what Pink Gorilla has without clicking.


Meet up at what time on Saturday? Maybe 1pm?


Yeah jlf’s are in the ST cab, astro city 6 button layout iirc.

Keith, if you can find me a job that doesnt work me on saturday and lets me grow a beard I would be there every week.


Can someone please post the address to this place?

How can I rape you guys in ST, or any other game for that matter, if I cannot find the location.

KEEE kekekkekeke ekekek KEKEEKKKEKEEKKE smiley face

fart, fart fart


4341 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105-5808

It’s across the street from the university book store on the Ave, it’s not hard to find.



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