Pink themed characters for my next stick-u

I tend to gravitate toward pink buttons when ordering parts for a new joystick creation. Usually I am able to check myself and order a color that is a little easier to work with. Well, not this time. I have pink and black buttons on their way.

My problem is picking a character that works well with pink.
I’ve spend a great deal of time rummaging through kawaii art zone looking for ideas. The best image I have at this point is of Dan. However, I prefer using characters that people would actually use as their main.

The character doesn’t necessarily have to be pink in color per se.
I was toying around with using Cammy, K, or Iori in an upclose monochromatic high-contrast sort of way. I don’t know…

Ideas? Opinions? Insults? Anything that will lead to an epiphane?

Hugo and Poison come to mind. Pink Sean [as seen a lot on GGPO] as well. Kirby, but I doubt the stick will be used for Smash.

There’s more, but it’s basically a color edit kind of thing…which is kinda easy depending on the image. Just ask away in here for color edits if you find an image you dig. In the meantime I’ll try to think of more characters who wear pink and are used as a main.

Edit: Oops. Pink Makoto. I’m sure JQ would agree with that one.

I had not thought of Hugo and Poison. That’s a really good one, actually.

Pink chun li!!!


:wonder: Did someone say pink characters… dood?

I would totally rock out a pink chun-li if I hadn’t done a chun stick so recently.

Bout time you use a manly color in one of your stick, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Ohhh man that stick is going to be such an eyegasm. :lovin:

I would make a pink Remy stick but I’ve already made a Remy stick too…

I’m really leaning towards Hugo. I meant to do a Hugo stick a long time ago and I can’t remember why I didn’t. Are there really a lot of Hugo users?

No. But no one uses Remy either…

How about Dan? :wgrin:

I’d say definately go for pink Cammy.

go with killa cam, no homo.

Killa Cam it is!

I really wanted to use this picture of Dan truthfully.

I think it makes him look halfway cool but, you know, that whole nobody would buy a stick with Dan on it thing.

I was all ready to choose Hugo but if he is on the same popularity level as Remy (you’ll always be top-tier to me) then that makes pink Cammy da winner by default.

I’m assuming Alpha Cammy > SSFII Cammy?

When you’re done with that pink stick, you need to make a neat, small, cute & girly stick. Purple/Violet. With glitter. And much bling & awesomeness, like you always do.
Plz? :smiley: