Pinned in corner..what to do?

Big Cammy player here.
Recently, I’ve been playing with a high lvl Bison. We’ve been going back and forth and back and forth. I’ll win, he’ll win, I’ll win, he’ll win…you get the idea. He’s come to realize now that Cammy has a pretty weak corner game. He’ll stand outside of cannon spike range, poke with st. hk most of the time and will mix it up with scissors or a lower poke. It’s rough for me and I was hoping some of you might have advice for this particular situation. The obvious would be to not get into that situation. Heh.

The occasional back/neutral jump EX dive kick or EX spinning back fist can easily get you out of the corner if you know how to use them well.

Both can stuff his scissor kick and should have no problem handling his

With EX SBF though, be careful of him waiting for you to throw it out, since he might be able to just grab you on reaction right before you hit him.

sucks cammy has to use so much ex :frowning:

i don’t think you need to do anything speical, just fight normally. Just do some thing that you do on reaction, if you want to get out, just SA if you have two bars. must of the time, they either jump over you, you hit them, your wape up SA blocks armor too. the wrost is you burn two bar.

Cammy is not bad in the corner. Since cammy needs to fight close anyway. Sometimes, I intentionally put myself in the conner, so i can fight them close.

They’re not the only thing you can do. Hell, you should always be trying other things based on the situation.

If he gets predictable, you can try throwing out a lk SA. If he tries to scissor on reaction, I think SA will stuff it in its opening frames. If he blocks, you’ve closed in on him and provided you were at the right distance, you’re safe. From there you can do what you want: cspike to stuff his attempt to punish your SA (not recommended since it can screw you over easily), tk dive kick, walk up and throw, block string, etc. Don’t forget that you can always just block, should he decided to reversal or something.

I think cr. MP can stuff his st.HK. I think the biggest thing is… to just not panic, so what if he throws a couple HK’s or even a couple scissors, they really arent game breaking. Against alot of characters our biggest strength is our biggest weakness, and thats attacking. Against bison i tend to be much more patient, especially if im in the corner because his strong suit is his pokes, not lk scissor chip dmg. Go into training mode, try cr. normals vs st.HK and st. MK see what works for you, and if you resort to trying an ex move, be a bit more patient because you dont wanna waste one.

hows about some good old fashioned blocking. maybe you will lure him into trying to cross over you, and next thing you know you are free.

Dont underestimate the power of "dash then grab"lol its a thought cant you also absorb he last hit of his weird weird scissor flip jump kick. I think it may be an armor breaking move. Also you could TK Cannon strike.

When I’m cornered, I pretty much crouch block and option select grab. If they’re close, I’ll risk the hp sbf or ex sbf.

Against a good bison, I do not recommend jumping while cornered. A good bison will throw out a meaty round house, killing whatever momentum you might have had.

wait until they jump and spiral arrow out?:cool:

LK SA unsafe, I know I be waiting for it so I can cr.LK xx SK !

Scissors is not armor breaking, it just has 2 hits from the correct distance and is pretty fast with the hits. Psycho crusher is Bison’s armor break.

Ultra :stuck_out_tongue: it will take you half across the screen. but y’ll get punished…or you finish him with luck.

But i guess this is not a very tactical move.