Pinned in the corner with the HHS


No matter how much I improve, I always struggle against the opponent who picks Honda (I’m talking SF2 CE to ST era) and managed to pin you in the corner and smash you to pieces with the HHS.

What is the counter to this move? Or, is it simply a case that there isn’t a counter and you just have to make sure you do everything to make sure it doesn’t happen?



Depends, what character are you using?


I’m typically Ryu, Balrog or Guile


Then in all three cases you have invincible moves to hit them out of hands. Plus hands have pushback on contact so there’s going to be room to move/get out. First thing you probably should be doing is blocking more, after blocking hands 2/3 of those characters have fireballs and Boxer has rush punch for basically free push back.