Pinout/PCB Guide for padhacking an Atari Jaguar controller


I’ve decided to take on the project of creating a project box to connect my arcade stick to my Jaguar, but I can’t find a guide for where to solder on the Jaguar PCB anywhere on the interwebs. Has anyone done this or found one?


I tried looking at diagrams on slagcoin and he doesn’t have one either. Honestly you may be one of the first to try this so you may need a multimeter to figure out where ground and the signal lines are.


The Jag controller is pretty simple, it just looks complicated because the keypad.

Here’s a diagram:

Rather than makeking a padhack, I think it should be easier to redo the PCB on a protoboard without the keypad.


I’d prefer to padhack because I’d like to keep the keypad intact so I can place the controller next to my joystick and use the keypad.