Pinout questions (JLF-H, and TE barrier strip)


I’m installing a PS360 in my custom, and wanted to use a barrier strip from a madcatz street fighter stick. Does anyone have a pinout for the two ribbon cables?

Also, I used to have a file that was made by TheRealNeoGeo that had a pinout of the JLF-H, but that file is down and I don’t have it saved at the moment.

I’d appreciate some help, thanks.

Edit: Of course, I kept searching and searching and found it 5 minutes after I gave up and posted. Here, for anyone else being curious about the pinout:

Still looking for that JLF-H image, though.


There is this one:


Also note that there are two different models of this with the TE’s, the other model doesn’t have a ground on the left ribbon cable as it shares the ground of the right ribbon cable, that’s how my Round 2 is.


I need to remember this Nerrage, i always forget the color assignments and I end up busting out the old Multimeter to find the pin out.