Pioneer Valley/Five College Area (Amherst, MA)

I’m looking for anyone who plays USF4, SFxT, and UMVC3, as well as any old school games (3S, ST, MVC2). I’d be down to play some other franchises as well (Tekken, MK, Soul Calibur) if someone has them. Just looking to get some games in regularly.

It’s hard to believe there’s no one in the 5-college area that plays these games. Is there anyone? I got a post-Evo itch, and I’m looking for comp. Fightcade is only so much fun.

I’m starting a bi-weekly casuals session at my apartment, starting on September 16th. There seems to be either a dearth of Capcom players in the Pioneer Valley/Western Massachusetts, or there’s really nowhere for them to play. There’s the Quarters in Hadley, but they only have one ST cab that gets switched out occasionally for 3S or MVC2. And, that place doesn’t have a hardcore scene. So I’m creating a gathering spot for people to get games in, get better, make rivals, and build a scene. Hit me up for location details!

I’m posting this wherever I can to get catch more eyes. If you can spread the word, please!

The First Noho Dojo Sparring Session is tonight from 7pm-10pm. For anyone interested, please hit me up for location details since it is taking place at my apartment! Come down, get better, make a rival, and build a scene!

The next Noho Dojo Session is this Wednesday, September 30th! Our last sessions was a success with 11 players showing up, and this time we’ll be streaming! Come through to get some games in! Hit me up for location details!

Hello all. I’m starting a monthly for anime FGs in Boston. I’m originally from the Western MA area so if you need it I know the best ways to get into Boston easily. Dates and locations are TBD at the moment, but we have a Facebook group and a Discord channel
FB group:
Discord chat:

We’ll be playing BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, UNIEL, and possibly others.