Piranha 3DD Redband Trailer



Holy shit. :eek:

I didn’t mind the first one. This shit looks extra ridiculous.

oh hell yes

Def a must watch in theaters for me… I slept on the first one. Ended up seeing a bootleg version of it and was like CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED IT AT THE THEATERS… 3D TITTIES!!!

Hmmmm… Maybe this 3D fad isn’t so bad after all :wow:

Movie of the year.

“Bring me my legs…”

Gonna assume that titties are not okay on SRK, but yeah.

I approve of this. The first one was SUCH a guilty pleasure. Watching Gianna get eaten in half was AWESOME. Not fond of the baby angle though. I want to see more of the ‘monster’ sized ones.
This is even more hilarious to me since I started watching ‘River Monsters’.

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River Monsters is a fucking awesome show. The one episode when he caught that 700+ lb stingray made me :eek::wow:. The episode where he went after the tigerfish was crazy to. That fishes teeth are no fucking joke.





The tigerfish was cray, thats the one that died isn’t it? I’d be pissed if I was a villager where he does his thing
"We starvin over here, you catch a 200+ IB fish and then throw it back? NINJA WE HOOOONGRY."

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Yeah that fish died during the fight. The fish jumped out of the water and when it came back down it hit it’s own head on a rock. You could tell the host legitimately felt bad. He took the fish back to the village so they had some food. They even had a big gathering when he came back.


This shit looks insanely bad. But seeing as its bad i will watch

Afterawhile its hard to tell which epsidoe had which fish, I think that ws the last episode of the first season. At least by Netflix’s standards. I just remember seeing the teeth like WTF…WHY does a fish need teeth like that shit!

My wife had the best shit this past weekend. He was covering himself in chum to get in the water with Eels that were biting men’s balls off. She said “Why is he so crazy?” She’s white…that made it even more hilarious to hear.

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Do I need to see the first one in order to see the second one? It looks like they continue some storylines and I don’t want to be the dumb ass in the theater not knowing who some of the people are.

You should see the first one…just because it was entertaining. Its what a ‘B-Flick’ shou;ld be like. I think it was better than this one looks.

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Yeah but I bet I’m gonna show up to the theater and there will be people dressed like piranhas totally going “Oh you don’t know how X is? You’re totally just joining the bandwagon.” I wanna be one of the cool kids in the piranha outfits…

Naw. I actually waited to Redbox it…but it doens’t have a cult following and there is only ‘one’ twist in the movie…its pretty straight forward…the point of the movie is there are prehistoric pirahanas that come out during a spring break and all hell breaks loose. ITs not a love story (well sort of) and there is no convoluted Captain Planet driven plot. Its a guilty pleasure.

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“…Wet…T-Shirt…” That guy was the greatest Asshole character to show up in Horror movies for a LONG time. He just made it physically impossible to give a damn when he got killed. I love it. This new one, not so sure. I’ll probably still watch it, but not so sure.


Do I spy Doc Brown from BTTF as the scientist guy?

Comedy-Horror is great if done well.