Piscemonkey Custom Arcade Joysticks


sup srk sf4 peeps. i meet earlier this week with jeff from HVGL in hawaii and he told me to make an appearence in this forum…
if you dont know who i am i go by my sig, Piscemonkey. i am a custom joystick maker in hawaii and i usually reside in the new stick forums, but like i said jeff told me to post a hello here :)…
anyways i know a few of you know who i am and i appreciate the support you guys have given me… only make me wanna create a better stick everytime.
i guess in closing cant wait for ssf4 to pop and check me out on my blog/webstie at
piscemonkey.com or on srk or on forumshawaii.net or even google …
here are some pics of a stick i just finished for someone in hawaii…


Really cool sticks man.


Nice 70’s porn vibe.


Welcome. Tech Talk is probably the better spot for this. Moving it over. Thanks.