Pitbulls devour baby testicles


So…yeah. What else is new, guys?

Bonus Articles (with pictures!):

How to defeat a Pitbull with your bare hands:

How to defeat someone enraged by the “How to defeat a Pitbull with your bare hands” article.

In before “well the baby should’ve known better, totally not the murderous dog’s fault”.

This is fuckin’ nuts! People never learn 'bout them pits. 4-legged weapons of ass destruction.

In before ballsy “My pit is a perfect, lovable angel” claim…

Not if you’re the baby.

Then it’s nutless.

Poor kid, tho…

Those dogs had some balls.

well the baby should’ve known bett-


Thanks to this kid’s parents he’s gonna have trouble getting laid when he grows up. Ah well, at least he might be good at singing =/

at least he will never need to worry about using a condom

honestly, why would u leave a 6 month year old infant with virtually ANY animal???

  • Pit bulls were probably backyard bred and untrained, the “mixed pit” was a dead giveaway.
  • Never leave an infant or child with ANY dog; some of them cannot distinguish an infant/child as a human being.

I wonder what was going through their heads… “Lolz lets leave the baby on the floor the dogs will baby sit him and take care of him”.

Headline should read “2 Dogs Killed due to Negligent Parents”



Today’s people never cease to amaze with me with their constantly rising stupidity.

Honestly, why in the fuck would you leave a 6 month old baby with ANY kind of animal? Domesticated or not.

fixed for ya.

Seriously, what the hell? What, they didnt’ know the dogs were there? They thought they WOULDN’T be curious about that thing on the floor? Some people simply should not have kids or pets.


the dogs smelled poop, got hungry, and ate

I have to say, even how fucked up it is that two dumbass parents left their baby alone with 2 pitbulls, those two bonus articles were really funny :lol:

Protip: never leave a baby unattended with a dog.

Proertip: never leave a baby unattended.

im just waiting for the day i read an article: “Woman leaves baby in tiger cage, thought it was safe.”

Yea I like that the OP is attacking the dogs and not the morons who left a 6 month old alone with them.

there are already worse. like bringing babys to the ocean so that sharks can feed on them.

Well, I’ll leave my dog in the house with my kids when I step outside to have a cigarette and she has never tried to eat either one of them or parts of them. I leave my 3 week old in her carseat next to the couch when we get home and I still have stuff I need to get out of the car. Dog still hasnt tried to eat any part of her. Of course I dont have a dog that is as unpredictable as a pitbull. I have a lab.