Pittsburgh PA Fighters

Ayo Pittsburgh!

In light of not being able to find a Pittsburgh thread on here, I’m making one to find some people. Anyway, I’m a CT player from Danbury who just transferred colleges. I’m gonna be attending Carnegie Mellon in the Oakland district of Pittsburgh, right next to the University of Pittsburgh. I’m hoping theres some arcades and people around out there so I can get my game on some.

I play a good chunk of games. MvC2, CvS2, and every Tekken (1-5DR). I’m no scrub, and I can give decent comp. I also dabble with 3s, s2t, and GGX2R, but don’t expect much there.

Please if you’re a Pittsburgh player lemme know the deal! Is there a scene out there? wheres the arcades at? What games do you guys play? Post up!

The latest rendition of the Pittsburgh thread got named after me and my distaste for various foods rather than the city itself. Go figure. You can scope it here. Also, I will kill your notion of arcades right now, as there aren’t any in the whole city, let alone in Oakland. There are some people who play MVC2, CVS2, 3S, and a lot of Guilty Gear who are around Oakland, though. Hit up the thread for people with more authority, I’m just the token scrub. :tup:


Oh my god, I can’t tell you awesome this is.

My name is Jake, I have been here in pittsburgh for about four years now. I am currently attending the university of pittsburgh. I live about ten to fifteen minutes away from carnegie mellon (that’s fifteen walking minutes mind you). I have been dying to play some people in mvc2. I am no scrub. I play top tier, I can play rush, I can zone, I can… well sometimes, block. You will see soon enough. I also play cvs2 and tekken. I am not terrible at either. I play top tier and I know what I am doing.

The main scene here is guilty gear, which, if you are willing, we will teach you everything you need to play in tournament.

As for arcades… nope. There is one downtown, just tekken, but the arcade scene is a goner. The few that still play tekken can be found at their homes. Which you should be able to get a hold of them through zaibatsu.

My aim name is toi_yet
I can give you my addy through that. I currently don’t have a phone, so hopefully you can reach me through that.

So when are you moving here?

Hi, I’m an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon but I only play 3S so…yeah, seems like Marvel is the game of choice so far.

If any of you want to play some 3S, contact me and maybe we can organize something.

Oh yeah, Toi_yet, there’s a guy named Kyle He in my school and he’s been the Beijing champion of GG for a while. His gamer alias is Stunedge (maybe you’ve heard of him) and if you want, I could try to get you in contact with him.

I will point you in the direction of the normal Pittsburgh thread:


There are a few people here who are pretty good at 3S (or really damn good, I should say) even though it isn’t a game that gets a lot of play time. I’m not quite at as high a level as some players here, but I know I would be willing to play it, though, and I’m sure TJ probably would be too. Check the normal thread to see when games are going down next (I think this weekend) and see if you can make it. We can PM you the details for where it’s at.

Edit: Also, unless there happens to be another random GG player named Kyle, I think he already plays games with us. I’m assuming that’s who I met on Saturday night. :tup:

Me and Kyle have been playing gg since last semester.

If you want to play some 3s, you are more than welcome to come here, or I can go there. I heard TJ telling me about someone from CMU named Eugene… I think… So I am assuming you are him. Whether or not that is the case, I look forwarding to playing you.

indeed that is eugene